Sisters’ Burial Grounds — Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Sisters’ Burial Grounds

Sisters’ Burial Grounds is a quest in Act 1. This quest is optional.

Given: Given by Kashya after completing the Den of Evil Quest or by encountering the Burial Grounds.
Location: Burial Grounds off the Cold Plains
Tips: Search the Cold Plains for the path leading to the Burial Grounds.
Description: Kashya’s Rogue scouts have reported an abomination in the Monastery graveyard. Blood Raven, one of the Rogue’s finest captains in the battle against Diablo at Tristram, has been corrupted by Andariel. She can be found in the Monastery graveyard raising the Rogue’s dead as zombies. You must help the Rogues destroy her.
Rewards: One free Rogue mercenary from Kashya and option to hire more of them.

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When you’ve wrapped everything up with Akara, walk over to Kashya to get the next quest. She’s in the middle of town near where you come out after using a Town Portal. Kashya tells you about a monster called the Blood Raven that’s raising an army of zombies at the Burial Grounds. Again, this is optional but worth doing for the reward. Head back out into the Blood Moor and make your way to the Cold Plains. This area starts just after Flavie’s post, so you’ll know you’re there once you see her. As you enter the location, you’ll see a Waypoint. These let you quickly travel from one Waypoint to another, giving you an easy way to get around the world.

The Cold Plains is a little more complicated than the Blood Moor. The road splits into three directions. One takes you to the Stony Fields, another to a dungeon called the Caves, and the last to the Burial Grounds. There’s no real way to know which is which, so you might have to run around a bit before you find the Burial Grounds. If you do end up in the Stony Fields, you might as well dip into it and pick up the Waypoint here.

Along the way, you’ll also run into a few new enemies. Joining your old friends the Fallen and Fallen Shaman, are two different types of Corrupt Rogues called Dark Hunters and Dark Spearwomen. These aren’t too tough to deal with, but there is also a unique mini-boss in the Cold Plains called Bishibosh. Bishibosh can resurrect Fallen Shaman, so taking him down quickly is your priority if you run into him.

When you finally make your way to the Burial Grounds, you’ll come across the Blood Raven. She’s joined by several Hungry Dead and Skeletons. She also likes to run all over the area and can summon more Hungry Dead at her feet. The key is to focus your attacks squarely on her to win the fight as quickly as possible.

Once she’s taken care of, head back to town. Kashya will thank you by giving you a rogue hireling free of charge. This ranged companion should improve your damage quite a bit as you move onto tougher enemies.


Blood Raven is pretty nasty, she does a lot more damage than anything you’ve faced in the game up to that point, or will face in the next few areas. Low hit point characters should be prepared to drink a lot of potions, and she’s very fast, so expect to chase her around quite a bit as well. She continually raises zombies up from the cemetery earth, and these are normal monsters, you can kill them for full experience and item drops, and it’s usually a good idea to kill a bunch of them before you go after Blood Raven, or you’ll be running through crowds after her and taking cheap hits from them.

In the Cemetery there is a Crypt and a Mausoleum that each lead to a small dungeon with a golden chest, if you want to level up some more before you take on Blood Raven.

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