Recurring Nightmare

Recurring Nightmare Guide

Start  Talk to Sin(location: Highgate, Act 9)
  1. Find Trarthan Powder(location: The Refinery)
  2. Find Basilisk Acid(location: The Boiling Lake)
  3. Kill The Depraved Trinity(location: The Rotting Core)
Completion  You have killed The Depraved Trinity. Now talk to Lilly to gain access to Act 10.

Recurring Nightmare Walkthrough

1. Find Trarthan Powder

  • Location: The Refinery

Trarthan Powder is a quest item located in The Refinery in Act 9. It was located in a Theurgic Precipitate Machine that behind the boss room of the area.

Find Trarthan Powder

2. Find Basilisk Acid

  • Location: The Boiling Lake

Basilisk Acid is a quest item that was dropped from The Basilisk of The Boiling Lake in Act 9.

Find Basilisk Acid

3. Kill The Depraved Trinity in The Rotting Core

  1. Deliver Trarthan Powder and Basilisk Acid to Sin(location: The Quarry).
  2. Sin has burned open a new entrance into the The Belly of the Beast. Enter, and meet Sin at the Black Core.
  3. Travel to The Rotting Core and Kill the final boss: The Depraved Trinity

Kill The Depraved Trinity

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Quest Rewards

Quest Complete – You have killed the Depraved Trinity. Now talk to Lilly to gain access to Act 10.

  • Travel to Act 10

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