Ravenous Homonculus - Path of Exile

PoE Ravenous Homonculus

Ravenous Homonculus is a Scourge Spectre.

  • Min Level: 1
  • Location: random

Killing more scourge monsters and you will complete this challenge. It is easy. Since there are no specific locations for Scourge monsters, finding a specific Scourge monster is difficult.


Life: +124% Armour: +100% Ailment Threshold: 124% Resistance: Resists Fire(40), Resists Cold(0), Resists Lightning(0), Resists Chaos(0)
Damage: +132% Accuracy: 100% Critical Strike Chance: 5% Critical Strike Multiplier: 130%
Attack Distance: 4 ~ 9 Attack Time: 2.25 Second Damage Spread: 20% Experience: 110%
Model Size: 100% Type: HellscapeFleshFodder1

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