Prophecy Divination Cards

Making Divination Cards for a Prophecy is a Harvest challenge.

Prophecy Divination Cards List

Item Stack Size Effect(s) Drop Areas Additional Drop Restrictions
A Note in the Wind 4 Song of the Sekhema N/A N/A
Akil’s Prophecy 3 Fated Unique Item N/A N/A
Beauty Through Death 5 Queen’s Sacrifice Vaal Temple Map K’aj A’alai
Friendship 3 A Master Seeks Help (Niko) N/A N/A
Immortal Resolve 6 Fated Connections Carcass Map • Vault Map N/A
The Iron Bard 9 Trash to Treasure The Vinktar Square The Vinktar Square N/A
The Jeweller’s Boon 5 The Jeweller’s Touch The Crystal Veins • Crystal Ore Map N/A
The Mad King 7 The King’s Path Caldera Map • Dark Forest Map • Lair Map • Reef Map The Cursed King , Kaom , Daresso, King of Swords , Tsoagoth, The Brine King
The Side Quest 5 A Master Seeks Help Vault Map N/A
The Valley of Steel Boxes 9 Monstrous Treasure N/A The Valley of Steel Boxes can drop from strongboxes.
Vile Power 5 Ancient Doom Core Map • Toxic Sewer Map • Waste Pool Map N/A

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