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Passive Tree Changes 3.16

The Passive Tree has changed so significantly that there is no way to concisely describe the full breadth of changes. Here is a selection of problems with the previous version of the passive tree and the solutions used to address them.

# Description
1 Make clusters more unique compared to each other as well as having a more clear identity. Remove niche or unneeded stats entirely, or shift them to Masteries. Improve many notables that have had secondary stats removed. Rework some clusters to perform another more useful function.
2 Improve existing Damage over Time clusters with a focus on Damage over Time Multiplier or other Damage over Time stats. Rework some clusters to be better for Damage over Time builds. Add new clusters for some forms of Damage over Time.
3 Lower the total amount of Life granted by the Scion's Life cluster. Add life to other life clusters on the tree that aren't in starting areas or connected to the paths to the Scion area of the tree. 9% increased Life has been removed from the Scion's Life cluster, and improved Life clusters have gained 2-4% increased Life, meaning a character that took three outer Life clusters and the Scion life cluster together would have the same or more life, and a character taking four or more outer life clusters that wouldn't have taken the Scion life cluster has gained at least 10% additional increased life.
4 Add new clusters for Spell Block, Spell Suppression, Life Regeneration, Life Leech, Life on Hit, Life on Kill, Life Recoup, Energy Shield Recharge, Ailment Mitigation for every Ailment type, Curse Mitigation, Stun Mitigation, Life and Mana Flasks. The majority of clusters removed from the tree are offensive, while the majority of clusters added to the tree are defensive.
5 Spread out Keystones throughout the tree, moving some to more appropriate locations.
6 Split some clusters into two separate clusters. Some Clusters have been aligned with a specific Mastery, with an adjustment to stats to further solidify this theme. This may be based on the existing stat proportions or to help with a lack of that type of Mastery in that section of the tree, to allow access to specific useful Mastery effects.
7 Spread out the entirety of the passive tree, and increase the radius of small, medium, large and very-large jewels. This is done to give a relatively equivalent but not identical effect of radius jewels on the tree. This will have impacted all Radius jewels in different ways.
8 Remove most of the maximum life from the Ranger's starting Evasion passives. Redistribute this between other passives in the Ranger start area, so that the total amount of increased maximum life is slightly higher than before. Rework some sections of the Ranger class start, including new notables and effects.
9 Change class starting nodes so most provide at least one flat modifier. For example, the Ranger now gets accuracy rating and projectile damage on one starting passive, and flat life and evasion rating on the other.
10 Reviewed monsters with abilities that alway hit. Removed always hit from all fodder monsters and some Boss abilities where appropriate.

Move these stats to Masteries on the Passive Skill Tree, while providing compensation to the Notables that lost these stats.

  • Holy Conquest: No longer has “Brands Attach to a new Enemy each time they Activate, no more than once every 0.3 seconds”, it now has 25% increased Brand Damage and Brands have 25% increased Area of Effect if 50% of Attached Duration expired.
  • Cry Wolf: No longer has “Warcries have a minimum of 10 Power”, it now has 20% increased Total Power Counted from Warcries, and Exerted Attacks deal 30% increased Damage (previously 25%).
  • Overshock: No longer has “Your Shocks can increase Damage taken by up to a maximum of 60%”. It now has “40% increased Effect of Lightning Ailments” (previously 30%).
12 Due to the sweeping changes made to the passive tree, existing Anointments that apply to a Notable that has been removed will now apply a different Notable. GGG is also taken this opportunity to review the Oil combinations required for Notables.

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Passive Tree Changes 3.14

  • A new Relentless and Veteran Soldier cluster has been added to the southeast of the Templar’s starting location. Relentless causes you to Regenerate 1% of Life per second if you have Stunned an Enemy Recently, and grants 25% increased Physical Damage. Veteran Soldier grants a +10% to Physical Damage over Time Multiplier, +20 to maximum Life, and 20% increased Physical Damage.
  • A new Vanquisher cluster has been added to the southwest of the Templar’s starting location. It causes you to Crush Enemies for 4 seconds when you Hit them while they are on Full Life, and grants 40% increased Physical Damage.
  • The Red Storm cluster has been removed and replaced with a new Vitality Vitality Extraction cluster. It causes you to Recover 2% of Life on Kill if you’ve Spent Life Recently, grants 25% increased Damage with Skills that Cost Life, and Life Flasks gain 1 Charge every 3 seconds.
  • The small nodes at the Scion’s starting location which previously granted increased Melee Physical Damage are no longer restricted to Melee only.
Passive Tree Changes
Born to Fight
  • The increased Melee Physical Damage and increased Melee Attack Speed modifiers are no longer restricted to Melee only.
  • No longer causes you to Lose 5 Rage when you Hit an Enemy, no more than once every 0.3 seconds.
  • Now causes Skills to cost +3 Rage.
Corrupted Soul
  • Now causes you to Gain 15% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield (previously 20%).
Hardened Scars
  • No longer grants Fortify during the Effect of any Life Flask.
  • Now grants Fortify while Recovering Life from a Life Flask.
Versatile Stance
  • The small node in this cluster that previously granted increased Cooldown Recovery for Stance Skills now grants 10% reduced Reservation of Stance Skills.

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