PoE Necropolis Mechanics

In Path of Exile (PoE), players receive the Lantern when they first encounter Undertaker Arimor at The Coast (Act 1). This Lantern is automatically applied to all future zones, with the exception of unique maps, Kirac missions, and Atlas Memories.

Functionality of the Lantern

Pre-Zone Entry Mechanics

Before entering a zone, the Lantern of Arimor displays a list of monsters that will appear in that zone along with their Haunted modifiers. These modifiers empower the associated monster type. Players have the ability to rearrange these modifiers to affect different types of monsters. Occasionally, a Haunted modifier is replaced with a Devoted modifier, which offers purely beneficial effects. In maps, monster packs might also include a pack size modifier and a tier-altering modifier for the attached mod. It’s important to note that any changes to the Haunted modifier effects do not impact the Devoted modifier effects.

Acts Mechanics

During Acts, players can choose to enter a zone without consulting the Lantern of Arimor, which will then apply a default configuration of mods (sorted by Devoted and Haunted mods, then by tier). The Lantern’s mods and monsters refresh every few minutes. When opening a map, the options for monster packs and modifiers are locked in once revealed, and any maps or fragments used remain locked in the map device until the map is activated.

Haunted Modifiers

Haunted modifiers come in different tiers, each offering various benefits. Killing monsters with higher-tier Haunted modifiers increases the chances of future zones featuring a Devoted modifier. It also enhances the likelihood of Haunted monsters dropping an Ember of the Allflame and spawning with the Unresolved Anguish modifier. After defeating a monster with Unresolved Anguish, players can collect its corpse, which Undertaker Arimor can then send to the Necropolis or have it itemized in a Filled Coffin. These corpses are essential for crafting in the Necropolis.

Tier List of Haunted Modifiers

  • Tier I: Servant-Haunted (0% increased chance to find corpses and Embers)
  • Tier II: Peasant-Haunted (40% increased chance)
  • Tier III: Soldier-Haunted (80% increased chance)
  • Tier IV: Gemling-Haunted (120% increased chance)
  • Tier V: Thaumaturgist-Haunted (160% increased chance)
  • Tier VI: Noble-Haunted (200% increased chance)
  • Tier VII: Magistrate-Haunted (300% increased chance)

Utilizing Allflame Embers

Allflame Embers can be used in the Lantern of Arimor interface to replace a monster with the monster pack on the Allflame Ember. These packs come with their own unique set of effects.

Ritual Altar Mechanics

It’s important to note that Haunted monsters resummoned by Ritual Altars will not retain their Haunted or Devoted modifiers.

By understanding and utilizing these mechanics, players can optimize their gameplay experience in the Necropolis.

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