PoE Extreme Archaeology

PoE Extreme Archaeology

Extreme Archaeology is a new Atlas Keystone in PoE 3.22. With this keystone allocated, you can place a single gigantic explosive charge in Expedition. Trial of the Ancestors introduces 16 new keystone passives to unlock on the Atlas Passive Tree.

  • 200% increased Explosive Radius in your Maps
  • 100% increased Explosive Placement Range in your Maps
  • Expedition Monsters in your Maps spawn with an additional 10% of Life missing
  • Number of Explosives is one

Flavour Text: Verisium is often found in a recent crater. Properly refined, it can easily make another.

PoE Extreme Archaeology


Extreme Archaeology completely changes how you play Expedition encounters. Instead of placing a series of regular explosives, you now Place one gigantic explosive. Every single chest or monster in the blast radius is affected by every Remnant in that radius.

PoE Extreme Archaeology

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Extreme Archaeology significantly increases the explosive radius and placement range for Expedition encounters in maps, but limits your number of explosives to 1. This creates a single large explosion that makes all remnants in the area apply to all enemies in the area, saving time planning and placing the explosives.

Expedition Monsters in your Maps spawn with an additional 10% of Life missing: This mod will prevent the use of modifiers requiring enemies to be on full life like Ambush and Assassinate.


As of version 3.22.0 it is located near the center-right of the Atlas passive skill tree inside the Expedition cluster containing Ancient Writings and Distinguished Demolitionist.

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