PoE Invocation – Lycia’s Invocation

Invocations, also known as Lycia's Invocations, are currency items obtained by defeating Lycia, Herald of the Scourge in the Forbidden Sanctum while The Gilded Chalice The Gilded Chalice

 or The Broken Censer The Broken Censer  is active in the Relic Altar. Invocations add a specific Keystone implicit modifier to and corrupts an uncorrupted Sanctified Relic.

List of Lycia’s Invocation

# Name Description Keystone Keystone Description
1 Lycia’s Invocation of Acrobatics Adds Acrobatics To A Sanctified Relic Acrobatics
  • Modifiers to Chance to Suppress Spell Damage instead apply to Chance to Dodge Spell Hits at 50% of their value Maximum Chance to Dodge Spell Hits is 75%
2 Lycia’s Invocation of Ancestral Bond Adds Ancestral Bond To A Sanctified Relic Ancestral Bond
  • You can’t deal Damage with Skills yourself
  • +1 to maximum number of Summoned Totems
3 Lycia’s Invocation of Arrow Dancing Adds Arrow Dancing To A Sanctified Relic Arrow Dancing
  • Evasion Rating is Doubled against Projectile Attacks
  • 25% less Evasion Rating against Melee Attacks
4 Lycia’s Invocation of Avatar of Fire Adds Avatar of Fire To A Sanctified Relic Avatar of Fire
  • 50% of Physical, Cold and Lightning Damage Converted to Fire Damage
  • Deal no Non-Fire Damage
5 Lycia’s Invocation of Blood Magic Adds Blood Magic To A Sanctified Relic Blood Magic
  • Removes all mana
  • 10% more maximum Life
  • Skills Cost Life instead of Mana
  • Skills Reserve Life instead of Mana
6 Lycia’s Invocation of Call to Arms Adds Call to Arms To A Sanctified Relic Call to Arms
  • Using Warcries is Instant
  • Warcries share their Cooldown
7 Lycia’s Invocation of Conduit Adds Conduit To A Sanctified Relic Conduit
  • Share Endurance, Frenzy and Power Charges with nearby party members
8 Lycia’s Invocation of Crimson Dance Adds Crimson Dance To A Sanctified Relic Crimson Dance
  • You can inflict Bleeding on an Enemy up to 8 times
  • Your Bleeding does not deal extra Damage while the Enemy is moving
  • 50% less Damage with Bleeding
9 Lycia’s Invocation of Divine Shield Adds Divine Shield To A Sanctified Relic Divine Shield
  • Cannot Recover Energy Shield to above Armour
  • 3% of Physical Damage prevented from Hits Recently is Regenerated as Energy Shield per second
10 Lycia’s Invocation of Eldritch Battery Adds Eldritch Battery To A Sanctified Relic Eldritch Battery
  • Spend Energy Shield before Mana for Skill Mana Costs
  • Energy Shield protects Mana instead of Life
  • 50% less Energy Shield Recharge Rate
11 Lycia’s Invocation of Elemental Equilibrium Adds Elemental Equilibrium To A Sanctified Relic Elemental Equilibrium
  • Hits that deal Elemental Damage remove Exposure to those Elements and inflict Exposure to other Elements
  • Exposure inflicted this way applies -25% to Resistances
12 Lycia’s Invocation of Elemental Overload Adds Elemental Overload To A Sanctified Relic Elemental Overload
  • Skills that have dealt a Critical Strike in the past 8 seconds deal 40% more Elemental Damage with Hits and Ailments
  • Your Critical Strikes do not deal extra Damage
  • Ailments never count as being from Critical Strikes
13 Lycia’s Invocation of Eternal Youth Adds Eternal Youth To A Sanctified Relic Eternal Youth
  • 50% less Life Regeneration Rate
  • 50% less maximum Total Life Recovery per Second from Leech
  • Energy Shield Recharge instead applies to Life
14 Lycia’s Invocation of Ghost Dance Adds Ghost Dance To A Sanctified Relic Ghost Dance
  • Cannot Recover Energy Shield to above Evasion Rating
  • Every 2 seconds, gain a Ghost Shroud, up to a maximum of 3
  • When Hit, lose a Ghost Shroud to Recover Energy Shield equal to 3% of your Evasion Rating
15 Lycia’s Invocation of Ghost Reaver Adds Ghost Reaver To A Sanctified Relic Ghost Reaver
  • Leech Energy Shield instead of Life
  • Maximum total Energy Shield Recovery per second from Leech is doubled
  • Cannot Recharge Energy Shield
16 Lycia’s Invocation of Glancing Blows Adds Glancing Blows To A Sanctified Relic Glancing Blows
  • Chance to Block Attack Damage is doubled
  • Chance to Block Spell Damage is doubled
  • You take 65% of Damage from Blocked Hits
17 Lycia’s Invocation of Hex Master Adds Hex Master To A Sanctified Relic Hex Master
  • Your Hexes have infinite Duration
  • 20% less Effect of your Curses
18 Lycia’s Invocation of Imbalanced Guard Adds Imbalanced Guard To A Sanctified Relic Imbalanced Guard
  • 100% chance to Defend with 200% of Armour
  • Maximum Damage Reduction for any Damage Type is 50%
19 Lycia’s Invocation of Iron Grip Adds Iron Grip To A Sanctified Relic Iron Grip
  • Strength’s Damage bonus applies to Projectile Attack Damage as well as Melee Damage
20 Lycia’s Invocation of Iron Reflexes Adds Iron Reflexes To A Sanctified Relic Iron Reflexes
  • Converts all Evasion Rating to Armour. Dexterity provides no bonus to Evasion Rating
21 Lycia’s Invocation of Iron Will Adds Iron Will To A Sanctified Relic Iron Will
  • Strength’s Damage bonus applies to all Spell Damage as well
22 Lycia’s Invocation of Lethe Shade Adds Lethe Shade To A Sanctified Relic Lethe Shade
  • Take 50% less Damage over Time if you’ve started taking Damage over Time in the past second
  • 100% more Duration of Ailments on you
23 Lycia’s Invocation of Magebane Adds Magebane To A Sanctified Relic Magebane
  • Dexterity provides no inherent bonus to Evasion Rating
  • +1% Chance to Suppress Spell Damage per 15 Dexterity
  • (50% of Damage from Suppressed Hits and Ailments they inflict is prevented)
24 Lycia’s Invocation of Mind Over Matter Adds Mind Over Matter To A Sanctified Relic Mind Over Matter
  • 40% of Damage is taken from Mana before Life
25 Lycia’s Invocation of Minion Instability Adds Minion Instability To A Sanctified Relic Minion Instability
  • Minions Explode when reduced to Low Life, dealing 33% of their Life as Fire Damage to surrounding Enemies
26 Lycia’s Invocation of Pain Attunement Adds Pain Attunement To A Sanctified Relic Pain Attunement
  • 30% more Spell Damage when on Low Life
27 Lycia’s Invocation of Perfect Agony Adds Perfect Agony To A Sanctified Relic Perfect Agony
  • Modifiers to Critical Strike Multiplier also apply to Damage over Time Multiplier for Ailments from Critical Strikes at 50% of their value
  • 30% less Damage with Hits
  • (Ailments that deal Damage are Bleeding, Ignited, and Poisoned)
28 Lycia’s Invocation of Point Blank Adds Point Blank To A Sanctified Relic Point Blank
  • Projectile Attack Hits deal up to 30% more Damage to targets at the start of their movement, dealing less Damage to targets as the projectile travels farther
29 Lycia’s Invocation of Precise Technique Adds Precise Technique To A Sanctified Relic Precise Technique
  • 40% more Attack Damage if Accuracy Rating is higher than Maximum Life
  • Never deal Critical Strikes
30 Lycia’s Invocation of Resolute Technique Adds Resolute Technique To A Sanctified Relic Resolute Technique
  • Your hits can’t be Evaded
  • Never deal Critical Strikes
31 Lycia’s Invocation of Runebinder Adds Runebinder To A Sanctified Relic Runebinder
  • -1 to maximum number of Summoned Totems
  • You can have an additional Brand Attached to an Enemy
32 Lycia’s Invocation of Solipsism Adds Solipsism To A Sanctified Relic Solipsism
  • Intelligence provides no inherent bonus to Energy Shield
  • 2% reduced Duration of Elemental Ailments on you per 15 Intelligence
  • (Elemental Ailments are Ignited, Scorched, Chilled, Frozen, Brittle, Shocked, and Sapped)
33 Lycia’s Invocation of Supreme Ego Adds Supreme Ego To A Sanctified Relic Supreme Ego
  • Auras from your Skills can only affect you
  • Aura Skills have 1% more Aura Effect per 2% of maximum Mana they Reserve
  • 40% more Mana Reservation of Aura Skills
34 Lycia’s Invocation of The Agnostic Adds The Agnostic To A Sanctified Relic The Agnostic
  • Maximum Energy Shield is 0
  • While not on Full Life, Sacrifice 20% of Mana per Second to Recover that much Life
35 Lycia’s Invocation of The Impaler Adds The Impaler To A Sanctified Relic The Impaler
  • When your Hits Impale Enemies, also Impale other Enemies near them
  • Inflict 4 additional Impales on Enemies you Impale
  • For 4 seconds after you Impale Enemies, they cannot be Impaled again, and Impales cannot be Called from them
36 Lycia’s Invocation of Unwavering Stance Adds Unwavering Stance To A Sanctified Relic Unwavering Stance
  • Cannot Evade enemy Attacks
  • Cannot be Stunned
37 Lycia’s Invocation of Vaal Pact Adds Vaal Pact To A Sanctified Relic Vaal Pact
  • Total Recovery per second from Life Leech is doubled
  • Maximum total Life Recovery per second from Leech is doubled
  • Life Regeneration has no effect
38 Lycia’s Invocation of Versatile Combatant Adds Versatile Combatant To A Sanctified Relic Versatile Combatant
  • -25% to maximum Chance to Block Attack Damage
  • -25% to maximum Chance to Block Spell Damage
  • +2% Chance to Block Spell Damage for each 1% Overcapped Chance to Block Attack Damage
  • (Overcapped Chance to Block is the amount by which Uncapped Chance to Block is higher than Maximum Chance to Block)
  • (Uncapped Chance to Block is the value Chance to Block would have if ignoring Maximum Chance to Block)
39 Lycia’s Invocation of Wicked Ward Adds Wicked Ward To A Sanctified Relic Wicked Ward
  • Energy Shield Recharge is not interrupted by Damage if Recharge began Recently
  • 40% less Energy Shield Recharge Rate
40 Lycia’s Invocation of Wind Dancer Adds Wind Dancer To A Sanctified Relic Wind Dancer
  • 20% less Attack Damage taken if you haven’t been Hit by an Attack Recently
  • 10% more chance to Evade Attacks if you have been Hit by an Attack Recently
  • 20% more Attack Damage taken if you have been Hit by an Attack Recently
  • (Recently refers to the past 4 seconds)
41 Lycia’s Invocation of Zealot’s Oath Adds Zealot’s Oath To A Sanctified Relic Zealot’s Oath
  • Life Regeneration is applied to Energy Shield instead
  • Lycia's second form also drops a random Unique Relic, which are one-time use Relics that provide additional challenge and rewards to a Sanctum run in areas of level 80+. She is also required to be killed to drop Original Sin or Invocations used to corrupt and add Keystones to Sanctified Relics by completing the aforementioned Unique Relic challenges.
  • Keystone: The available Keystones exclude Chaos Inoculation, Necromantic Aegis, as well as Cluster Jewel and Timeless Jewel exclusives. Taking an identical keystone and/or equipping an item with the identical keystone mod while having this modified on your Sanctified Relic equipped will impart no additional benefit.

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