PoE Gain Flask Charges On Critical Strike

In Path of Exile, you can gain flask charges on critical strikes through several methods:

1. Items with the Mod "Gain a Flask Charge when you deal a Critical Strike"

  • This modifier can appear on various equipment pieces like belts, jewels (Watcher’s Eye), and even some flasks themselves (Sapphire and Topaz Flasks).
  • When you land a critical hit, there’s a chance (depending on the specific wording of the mod) to gain one charge for a single flask.
  • Important Note: This effect has a global cooldown of roughly 0.1 seconds. This means you can’t gain charges any faster, even with multiple sources of this mod.

2. Passive Skill Tree Nodes

  • Specific passive skill nodes on the tree offer increased flask charges gained when dealing critical strikes. These nodes are usually located near Ascendancy classes that benefit from critical hits.
  • These nodes typically say something like "Gain #% increased Flask Charges when you deal a Critical Strike". They boost the number of charges gained from all sources, including the "Gain a Flask Charge" mod mentioned above.

3. Ascendancy Class Benefits

  • Some Ascendancy classes (like Raider or Assassin) have inherent bonuses to flask charges gained on critical strikes. These bonuses function similarly to passive skill nodes and further increase your overall gain.

Maximizing Flask Charges on Crit

Here are some tips for maximizing flask charges gained through critical strikes:

  • Stack the "Gain a Flask Charge" Mod: Utilize multiple items with this modifier to increase your chances of gaining a charge per crit.
  • Invest in Passive Skill Nodes: Allocate points near Ascendancy classes that specialize in critical hits and flask charges.
  • Consider Ascendancy Choices: If your build heavily relies on critical strikes and flasks, choose an Ascendancy class that offers inherent bonuses to flask charges on crit.
  • Increased Charges Gained: Look for modifiers that say "Increased Charges Gained" which will amplify the total charges you receive from all sources, including critical hits.

Remember: While gaining flask charges on critical strikes can be beneficial, it’s not always the most efficient method. Flasks with inherent charge generation or alternative methods like killing enemies might be more suitable depending on your build and playstyle.

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