Is PoE Flask Macro Bannable or Allowed in 2020?

Is Flask Macro Allowed?

Macros are only allowed if they perform one action per key press. This is why macros for logging out, /oos, /remaining, and /itemlevel are ok; those are each only one action being sent to the server. Any macros that perform multiple actions on the client is against GGG Terms of Use.

Making a macro to drink three flasks is sending three different commands with one key press, so they are not allowed.

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Can I use a macro that activates all of my flasks at once?

No. The most commonly cited rule pertaining to macros is “one action per key press.”

Using a flask is considered an action – and using multiple flasks is thus viewed as performing multiple actions. To press a single button resulting in multiple actions being taken would be regarded as partially automated gameplay. That is absolutely not allowed.

GGG has answered the question “Can I combined 3 flasks use with in 1 key by auto hot key?” The answer is simple: GGG does not allow macros that perform more than one server-side action.

PoE Flask Macro

Can I click a macro several times to use multiple flasks?

No; macros which alternate, or rotate, between multiple actions aren’t approved. You can see the information from here.

PoE Flask Macro Question


I was just wondering whether macros that choose an action for you (but only perform one action per button press) would be allowed under the ToS?

Obviously I don’t want to do anything wrong, so I thought I should check with you about whether these macros would be OK.

Here are some examples so you can see what I mean:

– A macro which use a random flask each time you press the button.

– A macro which uses only one skill, but picks which skill to use depending on your (client-side) mouse curse location. (eg: if the mouse cursor is near the edge of the screen then use firestorm, otherwise use flameblast.)

– A macro which uses a skill based on what (client-side) actions you have done recently.
EG: if you are holding down shift, use lightning strike, otherwise use whirling blades.
EG: If you haven’t pressed the button a lot recently, use fire trap, otherwise use fire nova mine.)

– A macro which performs only one action, but performs a different action each time you press the button. (eg: press it 3 times to use 3 different flasks. Or, press it to get a different skill for Elemental Equilibrium.)

– A macro which changes what another macro does. (eg: you use macro A to attack with sunder, but then you come to a boss fight so you press macro B (which performs no server-side action), so that pressing macro A now uses static strike instead. Then press macro B again after the boss dies, and go back to using sunder with macro A.)

Replied by GGG


Thank you for contacting Support! I’ve had a look, and it would appear that each of these macros would be against our Terms of Service. In this case, each of these macros performers multiple different actions. For examples, one of your macros is using both Lightning Strike Lightning Strike and Whirling Blades Whirling Blades.

Hope this helps! If there’s anything else at all we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


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