Fire of Unknown Origin PoE

Fire of Unknown Origin is a divination card. A set of seven can be exchanged for a unique Nimis.

Outcome Amount Divination Card
1x Nimis 7 Fire of Unknown Origin

Flavour Text: Faith sparks the flame, a frenzy on the wind; a fervour that drives us wildly onward..

How to get it?

Drop level: 81. Drop locations: Residence Map, Academy Map.


Icon Description
Nimis Nimis is a unique Topaz Ring. Rings.

Requires Level 48.

  • +(20–30)% to Lightning Resistance

  • +(30–50) to Dexterity
  • (25–35)% increased Projectile Damage
  • Projectiles Return to you at end of flight
  • Projectiles are fired in random directions

Flavour Text: Too much of something is bad enough; too much of nothing is just as tough.

Fire of Unknown Origin

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