PoE Divinia: Forbidden Sanctum Merchant


Divinia is the Forbidden Sanctum merchant. Merchant rooms contain the NPC Sister Divinia who sells you Boons, Templar relics, or Sanctified Relics in exchange for Aureus. She can also recover 50 Resolve for a pricy 300 Aureus fee. The Merchant is unlocked in Act 2 after completing the quest In Search of the Sanctum.


Inside the Sanctum, you will find gold coins called Aureus, a currency that the Templar used for commerce. It’s stored in treasure chests and falls from slain monsters. Although these coins belong to the Sanctum and will not leave with you, they can be traded with a merchant who you may encounter from time to time. Spend your Aureus wisely as it can be used to purchase a crucial boon when the time is right.

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Buy a Boon from Divinia

Fright MaskMinor BoonsMonsters deal 40% less Damage
Hare FootMinor Boons60% increased Movement Speed
Gold MagnetMinor Boons50% more Aureus coins found
Rusted DescryMinor Boons50% increased Resolve recovered
Scrying CrystalMinor BoonsYou can see an additional room ahead on the Sanctum Map
Silver TongueMinor Boons50% reduced Merchant prices
Glowing OrbMinor BoonsThe next time you go below 20% Resolve, heal for 50% Resolve
Gilded LyreMinor BoonsGain +250 Inspiration at the start of each floor
Rusted ChimesMinor BoonsGain +100 Inspiration when you gain an Affliction
Mellifluous ChorusMinor Boons40% less Resolve lost while you have Inspiration
Lilting MelodyMinor BoonsGain 400 Inspiration if you complete the next 2 rooms without losing Resolve or Inspiration
Lilting MelodyMinor BoonsGain 400 Inspiration if you complete the next room without losing Resolve or Inspiration
Prayer BeadsMinor BoonsResolve cannot be lost in the next room
Gold MineMinor BoonsAureus coins found on this floor are doubled
Lustrous PearlMinor BoonsTraps are slower
Viscous IchorMinor BoonsMonsters have 20% reduced Action Speed
Wooden EffigyMinor BoonsMonsters impact 25% reduced Resolve
Sanguine VialMinor BoonsMonsters have 30% reduced Maximum Life
Ornate DaggerMinor BoonsYou and your minions deal 50% more Damage
Assassin's BladeMinor BoonsThe next 10 Guards you Hit are killed Instantly
Assassin's BladeMinor BoonsThe next 9 Guards you Hit are killed Instantly
Assassin's BladeMinor BoonsThe next 8 Guards you Hit are killed Instantly
Assassin's BladeMinor BoonsThe next 7 Guards you Hit are killed Instantly
Assassin's BladeMinor BoonsThe next 6 Guards you Hit are killed Instantly
Assassin's BladeMinor BoonsThe next 5 Guards you Hit are killed Instantly
Assassin's BladeMinor BoonsThe next 4 Guards you Hit are killed Instantly
Assassin's BladeMinor BoonsThe next 3 Guards you Hit are killed Instantly
Assassin's BladeMinor BoonsThe next 2 Guards you Hit are killed Instantly
Assassin's BladeMinor BoonsThe next Guard you Hit is killed Instantly
Enchanted UrnMinor Boons30% increased Effect of your Relics
Tarnished CoinMinor Boons100% increased Aureus coins gained while Resolve is below 50%
Engraved OrbMinor Boons100% increased Resolve recovered while Resolve is below 50%
Adrenaline VialMinor BoonsRecover 50% of your Maximum Resolve on entering Boss Room
Mirror of FortuneMinor BoonsDuplicate a random Offer Reward
Arcane AegisMinor BoonsTrigger Arcane Buffer when your Inspiration reaches 0
Tarnished DescryMinor Boons+200 to Maximum Resolve
Fountain of YouthMinor BoonsGain +40 Maximum Resolve each time you use a Fountain
Silver ChaliceMinor BoonsThe next Minor Boon you gain is converted into a random Major Boon
Black PearlMinor BoonsTraps impact 50% reduced Resolve
Untuned LuteMinor Boons+250 to Inspiration
Divinia's Gift Minor BoonsYour next purchase from the Merchant has no cost
Chipped DiceMinor BoonsThe Merchant's Shop can be Rerolled
Gold TrophyMinor BoonsYour aureus coins are increased by 10% on room completion
(removed when you purchase something from the Merchant)
Silver CoinMajor BoonsGain 20 Aureus coins when you lose Resolve from a Hit
Imperial SealMajor BoonsTraps are Disabled
Silver DescryMajor BoonsIgnore the first Resolve lost from Hits in each room
Golden DescryMajor BoonsRecover +15 Resolve on room completion
Bronze DescryMajor BoonsIgnore Resolve lost for 1 second after losing Resolve from a Hit
Priest's DescryMajor BoonsUpon reaching 0 Resolve, recover to 75% Maximum Resolve once
Holy DescryMajor BoonsUpon reaching 0 Resolve, recover to full Resolve, lose 50% of your current Maximum Resolve, and remove a random Boon
Crystal ChaliceMajor BoonsYou cannot receive any more Minor Afflictions
Bronze CoinMajor BoonsPicking up Aureus coins recovers Resolve
Gold CoinMajor BoonsAureus coins found are doubled
All-Seeing EyeMajor BoonsThe Sanctum Map is fully revealed
Holy WaterMajor BoonsGain a random Minor Boon when you use a Fountain
Sacred MirrorMajor BoonsDuplicate up to 3 random Offer Rewards
Crystal ShardMajor BoonsThe next Affliction you gain is converted into a random Minor Boon
Musty WineMajor BoonsAt the start of each room, a random Shrine effect is applied to you

Boon: Divinia’s Gift

  • Your next purchase from the Merchant has no cost

Boon: Divinia's Gift

3.20.0b Patch Notes: Increased the radius for triggering Divinia's Act 2 quest in The Forest Encampment.

Secretive Sepulchre

Divinia Rarity: Unique

Modmonster base type attack cast speed +% and damage -% final [33]
master damage +% final vs unique monsters [-90]

stance movement speed +% final [-65]
Tagscaster, fast_movement, fire_affinity, human, humanoid, is_unarmed, light_armour, medium_height, physical_affinity, red_blood, slashing_weapon
  • Life: 1100%
  • Energy Shield From Life: 33%
  • Armour: +33%
  • Evasion: +33%
  • Ailment Threshold: 1100%
  • Resistance: (Resists Fire: 37) (Resists Cold: 37) (Resists Lightning: 37) (Resists Chaos: 0)
  • Damage: 143%
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • Critical Strike Chance: +5%
  • Critical Strike Multiplier: +130%
  • Attack Distance: 6 ~ 10
  • Attack Time: 1.605 Second
  • Damage Spread: ±20%
  • Experience: 220%
  • Model Size: 100%
  • Type: SanctumNPC

Divinia Text Audio

The Forbidden SanctumI am Divinia, a Templar academic and relic enthusiast. This little settlement is... quaint. Not the most respectable place, but I'm grateful that they've given me a warm welcome.

I've been waiting for a fellow explorer to make their way here. I've discovered an abandoned Templar enclave beneath the ruins of Fellshrine. Will you join me in uncovering its secrets?
FellshrineInvestigating this historical site is not an opportunity I can afford to miss, although it may be dangerous. It's fortunate that you're here.
EramirEramir is very kindly. We were discussing holy scripture, and he had many enlightening things to say. Our conversation brought a fresh perspective.
GreustGreust seems... wholly unsavoury. He spat on me!
HelenaI recognise Helena from many years ago. We met during our studies, having pursued similar fields of research. I've always thought fondly of her.
[DNT] The SanctumIt's wonderful to see a fellow explorer! What a stroke of good luck. My name is Divinia – I am a Templar academic and relic enthusiast. I have stumbled upon an abandoned Templar enclave beneath the Fellshrine Ruins, not far from here. Will you join me in uncovering its secrets?
DiviniaFellshrineRuinsIntroductionIfForestEncampmentThis may be a grim place, but it's an important historical site. We're not far from the Sanctum now. Let's make our way there.
DiviniaOnFellshrineRuinsWhileFollowingPlayerThis place is truly something to behold. History took place here, in these very wetlands. Archbishop Geofri, Maligaro the Inquisitor... They were real people, accomplishing real things that stood the test of time. It's like history is coming to life, and we are witnessing it firsthand.
DiviniaFellshrineRuinsSanctumSightedThat's it! The Sanctum. I can't believe we're here at last. We should make our way inside.
DiviniaFellshrineRuinsEntranceBarrierBrokenLet's delve into history, shall we?
DiviniaSanctumEntranceCommentOnSanctumThis place is... well, decrepit. But it's a bastion of knowledge. Ancient Templars once walked these very halls. Who knows what we'll find...
DiviniaSanctumEntranceCommentOnSanctumAlternateIt's a little odd that this place seems so... 'lived-in'. I thought it was abandoned, and lost to living memory.
RelicsWhat really excites me is the possibility of finding relics here. I mean, think of the historical and archaeological implications! We might glean true insight into ancient Templar history... A lot can be inferred from their burial practices, their scripture, their artefacts. We might even unearth the truth about why this sanctum is here at all.
Relic AltarThis chantry... It must be a Templar device of some kind. There are engraved hollows within it, seemingly intended for artefacts. If you arrange relics on the chantry, you may invoke some kind of holy power.
Offer RelicHere, take this relic I found. It may prove useful.
Relic DeviceYou're... faintly glowing? And rather less dusty. Seems like you really are drawing on something sacred.
Secret HeresiesI couldn't imagine renouncing a path of righteousness. I spent decades rifling through papyrus in the Archives, and being here is like seeing it all come to life.
DiviniaSanctumEntranceOnTemplars_AlternateI couldn't imagine renouncing a path of righteousness. I spent decades rifling through papyrus in the Archives, and being here is like seeing it all come to life.
DiviniaSanctumEntranceOnTemplars_AlternateAlternateI couldn't imagine renouncing a path of righteousness. I spent decades rifling through papyrus in the Archives, and being here is like seeing it all come to life.
DiviniaSanctumEntranceOnSanctumI'm so happy to be here... though this place does send shivers down my spine. I'm glad you're here – the very thought of fighting turns my stomach.
Fellshrine RuinsIt's strange to think that we're beneath the Fellshrine Ruins themselves; a vital part of Wraeclastian history, where heroism and atrocities took place.
Archbishop GeofriI still remember where I was when I read about the fate of Archbishop Geofri. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonPurchasedRandomThis should help... a bit.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonPurchased2This should help... a bit.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonPurchased3This should help... a bit.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonPurchased4One step closer.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonPurchased5One step closer.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonPurchased6One step closer.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonPurchased7One step closer.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonPurchased8Every little bit helps.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonPurchased9Every little bit helps.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonPurchased10Every little bit helps.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonPurchased11Every little bit helps.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonPurchased13Good luck.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonPurchased14Good luck.
DiviniaMerchantMajorBoonPurchasedRandomAn awe-inspiring power.
DiviniaMerchantMajorBoonPurchased2An awe-inspiring power.
DiviniaMerchantMajorBoonPurchased3An awe-inspiring power.
DiviniaMerchantMajorBoonPurchased5Truly, a gift.
DiviniaMerchantMajorBoonPurchased6Truly, a gift.
DiviniaMerchantMajorBoonPurchased7Truly, a gift.
DiviniaMerchantMajorBoonPurchased8Blessed by divine forces.
DiviniaMerchantMajorBoonPurchased9Blessed by divine forces.
DiviniaMerchantMajorBoonPurchased10Blessed by divine forces.
DiviniaMerchantRelicPurchasedRandomA fine choice.
DiviniaMerchantRelicPurchased2A fine choice.
DiviniaMerchantRelicPurchased3A fine choice.
DiviniaMerchantRelicPurchased4May it serve you well.
DiviniaMerchantRelicPurchased5May it serve you well.
DiviniaMerchantRelicPurchased6May it serve you well.
DiviniaMerchantRelicPurchased7See how it shines in the light?
DiviniaMerchantRelicPurchased8See how it shines in the light?
DiviniaMerchantRelicPurchased9See how it shines in the light?
DiviniaMerchantRelicPurchased10See how it shines in the light?
DiviniaMerchantRelicPurchased11Use it wisely.
DiviniaMerchantRelicPurchased12Use it wisely.
DiviniaMerchantRelicPurchased13Use it wisely.
DiviniaMerchantMajorBoonAffectingMerchant_A1I'm having a good day, so the prices are better than usual.
DiviniaMerchantMajorBoonAffectingMerchant_A2I'm having a good day, so the prices are better than usual.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonAffectingMerchant_A1I'll give you a better price than usual today.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonAffectingMerchant_A2I'll give you a better price than usual today.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonAffectingMerchant_B1I almost feel compelled to give you these for free. But not quite.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonAffectingMerchant_B2I almost feel compelled to give you these for free. But not quite.
DiviniaMerchantMinorBoonAffectingMerchant_B3I almost feel compelled to give you these for free. But not quite.
DiviniaMerchantMinorAfflictionAffectingMerchant_A1Um... There's an extra surcharge today. You got blood on my clothes.
DiviniaMerchantMinorAfflictionAffectingMerchant_A2Um... There's an extra surcharge today. You got blood on my clothes.
DiviniaMerchantMajorAfflictionAffectingMerchant_A1You expect me to sell you this ancient relic... for that price? Dream on!
DiviniaMerchantMajorAfflictionAffectingMerchant_A2You expect me to sell you this ancient relic... for that price? Dream on!
DiviniaMerchantMajorAfflictionAffectingMerchant_B1You've got to be joking!
DiviniaMerchantMajorAfflictionAffectingMerchant_B2You've got to be joking!
Return to the SanctumSomething seems different in the Sanctum beneath Fellshrine. I think you should go and investigate it for yourself.
WildlifeEvery time I took a stroll in the wilderness, I encountered vicious, mutated animals. It seems that the effects of the Cataclysm aren't solely limited to people.
GreustThe man who spat on me is now leading brigands? I'd believe it.
The Bridge EncampmentI miss the bittersweet tang of oranges. We can't grow them anymore, for even the soil is corrupted.
Exploring the SanctumThis may not be the most pleasant of places, but I brought you here to assist in exploring its depths. Unlike you, I'm not especially battle-hardened, and I need someone to be the muscle behind this operation. I'll be the brains. No offence.
DiviniaUniqueRelicA truly miraculous find.
DiviniaUniqueRelicAlternateA truly miraculous find.
DiviniaBoonsAutoTriggeredYou seem to be suffused with some form of beneficial magic. It will likely prove useful in this dark place. Though the magic doesn't seem to be of Templar origin... I wonder where it comes from?
Varakath's DefeatYou fought animated stonework and lived to tell the tale... and you heard a woman's voice speaking through it? This reeks of lithomancy, and powerful arcane forces. Tread carefully here, Exile.
Braom and Uzar's DefeatThe woman spoke to you again through the monstrosities you defeated? It seems as if they were her creations. She's likely experimenting with necromancy as well as lithomancy. It seems no coincidence that this is a Templar site, and necromancy is often practised by powerful Templar heretics. This woman was likely formerly a Templar, experimenting with unholy magic and delving into arcane secrets best left untouched.
Xenathar's DefeatYou heard her voice again, through the undead horror you did battle with? This confirms my suspicions – there is undoubtedly necromancy at work here. Something big is coming, no doubt something vile and unholy. Stay vigilant, Exile. Be on your guard.
DiviniaPreLyciaI have been exploring the surrounding halls, albeit with caution. I can't put my finger on it, but there is a powerful sense that something is 'not quite right' on this floor. The way in which the crypts are positioned seems unorthodox, and the creatures I encounter are vicious and agitated. It's almost like they're guarding something... protecting something...
LyciaYou found and faced Lycia herself? This confirms that she has a physical form – I wondered if she might be some kind of spirit or dark incorporeal entity, but this is clearly not the case. If she has been experimenting with necromancy, this may not be the last we'll see of her. She could have discovered some arcane secret that grants her extended life. Face her again, Exile. Cut off her head this time!
LyciaYou defeated Lycia? Brilliantly done, Exile.

The Sanctum seems unaffected, and her presence is still endemic. She might truly have discovered the secret of immortality. We need to find out more. I'll keep researching, Exile, and you keep exploring. We'll uncover the truth of all this.
DiviniaLyciaFoughtButNotDefeatedTransformationNotSeenSo, it's true. Lycia has returned, despite being defeated. From your account, she's stronger this time, too. Try to find her and face her again. Vile magic is at work here, and we cannot allow it to run rampant.
DiviniaLyciaFoughtButNotDefeatedTransformationSeenLycia transformed? And she called out the name Beidat... You have to get back to her, Exile. You must stop her at all costs. I fear that something truly unholy is at work here, something that may endanger all of Wraeclast. I must get back to my research, and let you know more when I'm certain.
Lycia's DealLycia transforming and calling out the name Beidat confirms my worst fears. In my research of her occult activities, I found mention of a ravenous horde of horrific demons that exist in some other form of reality, constantly trying to reach us to consume us. It's a secret known only to the line of High Templars and their keepers of the forbidden. They sought means of power to resist them, should the day come that they find a way into our world... but she must have reached out to the Scourge and made a deal...
Lycia's DefeatIn a sense, what happened to Lycia is sad. She chose an unholy path out of spite, knowing the Templar preachings to be riddled with fallacies. And she chose immortality out of a desire to not be forgotten, enduring centuries of isolation as a result. She is not blameless, but Beidat was the true culprit. That self-proclaimed 'archangel,' that {fiend}, enticed Lycia into the deal that prolonged her life, and used her to gain a foothold in Wraeclast. I shudder to think of what will happen if he garners more power.

These ever-changing halls are still permeated with Lycia's magic. She is not gone. She still has dominion over this place. I implore you to keep exploring the Sanctum, and killing Lycia too, if you have the fortitude to. We will never know the specifics of her deal with Beidat, but if she manages to open the door to this world, the Scourge will bring horror to every living person on Wraeclast. She is truly immortal, so all we can do is delay her, but every time she is slain, you buy us time to work on a more permanent solution.
The ScourgeI have only seen mention of the Scourge in the most forbidden texts of my order. The High Templars kept the secret to themselves. There are demons all around us, eternally trying to enter our world. If they manage to manifest themselves here more than temporarily, they will ravage Wraeclast and consume every living thing. Needless to say, we cannot let that happen.
BeidatBeidat is one of three Demon Lords of the Scourge. The forbidden texts contain very little information about him outside the collected writings of heretics and the visions of blind seers throughout history, but I do know that he and his ilk are the most 'like us,' in that they think, speak, and can communicate. K'tash and Ghorr, the other two Demon Lords, are far too unlike us to ever be capable of making a deal with someone like Lycia... or us. If it was only Beidat, we might possibly save ourselves by offering Wraeclast as a continent of slaves to serve him, but the other two can never be reasoned with.
K'Tash, The Hate ShepherdVery little is known about K'tash and its ilk. All I have is a written record from a madwoman who mysteriously disappeared from a Templar jail cell a few years ago. She said the name K'tash, and she ranted about the demons not thinking, because many don't even have heads, and that something else does the thinking for them. I shudder at the prospect of such impossible beings.
Ghorr, The Grasping MawThey eat. They consume. That is all that they do. They will not show mercy, and they will never relent.

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