PoE Charged Slam – Path of Exile

Name: PoE Charged Slam

Description: The character charges up power, visibly gathering energy around their weapon. Once charged, they unleash a devastating melee slam attack, unleashing the stored energy upon impact.

  • Charged Slam: Melee attack after a short charge.


  • Charge-Up: The player holds down a button to charge the attack. The longer they hold, the more powerful the slam becomes.
  • Visual Cue: As the player charges, energy crackles around the character’s weapon, growing more intense with each passing moment.
  • Release: Once the player releases the button, the character performs the slam, with the force and area of effect determined by the charge level.
  • Impact: Enemies caught in the slam’s area of effect are dealt heavy damage. The slam might also have secondary effects, like stunning, knocking back, or inflicting status ailments.


  • Timing: Players must time their charge carefully, balancing the desire for a more powerful attack with the need to strike quickly.
  • Positioning: Since the slam likely has an area of effect, players need to position themselves to hit as many enemies as possible.
  • Combo Potential: The Charged Slam could be integrated into combo chains, allowing players to follow up with other attacks or abilities for devastating effects.

Upgrade Options:

  • Enhanced Damage: Increase the base damage of the slam, making it even more devastating.
  • Area of Effect: Expand the radius of the slam’s impact, allowing it to hit more enemies.
  • Status Effects: Add new effects to the slam, such as burning, freezing, or bleeding, depending on player preferences or character build.

Character Synergy:

  • Tanky Builds: Players specializing in tanky builds might appreciate the Charged Slam as a way to deal massive damage while drawing enemy attention away from more fragile allies.
  • Melee Fighters: Naturally, characters focused on melee combat would find the Charged Slam a valuable addition to their arsenal, providing a powerful option for close-range engagements.

Overall, the PoE Charged Slam would be a dynamic and satisfying ability, rewarding players who can effectively manage their timing and positioning on the battlefield.

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