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Path of Exile (PoE) Boosting Guide

Path of Exile (PoE) is a complex and engaging action RPG where character progression can be time-consuming and challenging. Many players seek boosting services to help them advance more quickly. This guide covers both self-boosting strategies and the use of third-party boosting services.

Self-Boosting Strategies

1. Efficient Leveling

  • Quests and Zones: Follow the main questline while completing side quests that offer valuable rewards. Know the most efficient leveling zones and stick to them.
  • Gear Upgrades: Prioritize gear that enhances your damage and survivability. Upgrade your weapon regularly and keep your resistances high.
  • Skill Gems: Use AoE (Area of Effect) skills for faster clearing of mobs. Popular leveling skills include Frost Blades, Fire Trap, and Cyclone.
  • Flasks: Maintain a good set of flasks for health, mana, and movement speed. Flask management is crucial for survival and efficiency.

2. Currency Farming

  • Mapping: Once you reach endgame maps, focus on farming maps efficiently. Use strategies like running high mob density maps and using Scarabs for better loot.
  • Chaos Recipe: Use the vendor recipe for Chaos Orbs by selling a full set of unidentified rare items (item level 60-74).
  • Divination Cards: Farm specific areas that drop valuable divination cards. Examples include "The Doctor" in Spider Forest for a chance to obtain a Headhunter.
  • League Mechanics: Engage in league-specific mechanics like Delve, Blight, or Heist for additional currency.

3. Trading

  • Price Checking: Regularly check item prices on trade websites to ensure you are buying and selling at the right prices.
  • Flipping: Buy undervalued items and resell them for profit. This requires good market knowledge and timing.
  • Bulk Selling: Sell currency and valuable items in bulk for a higher profit margin.

4. Build Optimization

  • Follow Guides: Use well-established build guides to ensure your character is optimized for damage and survivability.
  • Passive Tree Planning: Plan your passive skill tree in advance using tools like Path of Building to avoid wasting points.
  • Ascendancy Choices: Choose your ascendancy class and nodes wisely as they significantly impact your build’s performance.

Boosting Services

Boosting services can help you achieve your in-game goals quickly. However, it is essential to choose a reputable service to avoid scams and potential account bans. IGGM is the best site for PoE Boosting Service. 6% off coupon: VHPG.

Types of Boosting Services

  1. Leveling Boosts

    • Description: Services that level your character to a desired level.
    • How it Works: The booster logs into your account and levels your character, or they can join your game and help you level up.
  2. Currency Farming

    • Description: Services that farm currency for you.
    • How it Works: The booster farms currency on your account or trades you the agreed-upon amount of currency.
  3. Labyrinth Runs

    • Description: Services that complete the Labyrinth for you to get ascendancy points.
    • How it Works: The booster completes the Labyrinth for you, ensuring you get all ascendancy points.
  4. Boss Kills

    • Description: Services that kill specific bosses for you to obtain valuable loot.
    • How it Works: The booster kills the bosses on your account or carries you through the fight.

Choosing a Boosting Service

  1. Reputation and Reviews

    • Check reviews on forums and third-party websites.
    • Look for services with a long history and positive feedback.
  2. Security Measures

    • Ensure the service uses VPNs and other security measures to avoid detection by game developers.
    • Prefer services that do not require full account access if possible.
  3. Payment Methods

    • Use secure payment methods like PayPal.
    • Avoid services that ask for unconventional payment methods or offer deals that seem too good to be true.
  4. Customer Support

    • Choose services that offer good customer support.
    • Ensure there are clear communication channels in case of issues.


Boosting in Path of Exile can significantly enhance your gaming experience by saving time and helping you reach your goals faster. Whether you choose to boost your progress yourself or use a boosting service, it’s essential to stay informed and cautious to make the most of your Path of Exile journey. Buy PoE Currency, Items, Boosting Service at IGGM. 6% off coupon: VHPG.

Path of Exile (PoE) Power Leveling Guide for XBOX and PS4

Power leveling in Path of Exile (PoE) involves optimizing your character’s leveling process to achieve high levels quickly and efficiently. This guide covers tips and strategies for power leveling on consoles, such as XBOX and PS4, including recommended builds, techniques, and potential boosting services.

Power Leveling Tips and Strategies

  1. Build Selection

    • Choose a build that is fast and efficient for leveling. Popular choices include:
      • Frost Blades Raider: High mobility and excellent AoE damage.
      • Earthquake Juggernaut: Strong melee build with good survivability.
      • Essence Drain/Contagion Trickster: Safe and efficient with great AoE.
    • Follow a detailed build guide to ensure your character is optimized from the start.
  2. Efficient Questing and Zone Progression

    • Act 1-10: Focus on completing the main storyline quickly. Prioritize quests that provide passive skill points or valuable rewards.
    • Waypoints: Always activate waypoints as you progress through zones to facilitate quick travel.
    • Movement Speed: Equip movement speed boots and use skills like Leap Slam or Flame Dash for faster travel.
  3. Gear and Upgrades

    • Early Game: Use gear that provides high physical or elemental damage, life, and resistances.
    • Vendor Recipes: Utilize vendor recipes to create useful items, such as a +1 to socketed gems wand for casters or a three-linked item with appropriate colors.
    • Flasks: Maintain an updated set of flasks, focusing on life, mana, and quicksilver flasks for speed.
  4. Currency and Trading

    • Essence Farming: Farm essences in zones where they drop frequently to upgrade your gear.
    • Sell Unneeded Items: Use the trade market to sell valuable items you don’t need, and buy essential upgrades.
  5. Party Play

    • Leveling in a party can significantly speed up the process. Partner with other players to clear content faster.
    • Support Characters: Having a support character in the party can enhance overall efficiency.
  6. Endgame Preparation

    • Mapping: Once you complete the main story, start running maps. Begin with low-tier maps and gradually progress to higher tiers.
    • Ascendancy: Complete the Labyrinth as soon as possible to unlock your ascendancy points. This provides significant power boosts.

Using Boosting Services on XBOX and PS4

Boosting services can be particularly helpful for console players who may not have as many resources or time to invest in leveling. IGGM Boosting Services on XBOX and PS4. 6% off coupon: VHPG.

Here’s how to choose and use these services effectively:

Types of Boosting Services

  1. Power Leveling

    • Description: Service providers level your character to a specified level.
    • Process: The booster will either log into your account or join your game to help you level up.
  2. Currency Farming

    • Description: Boosters farm in-game currency, such as Chaos Orbs, for you.
    • Process: The booster collects the currency and transfers it to your account.
  3. Labyrinth Runs

    • Description: Boosters complete the Labyrinth to help you obtain ascendancy points.
    • Process: The booster logs into your account to complete the Labyrinth or guides you through it.
  4. Boss Kills

    • Description: Service providers kill specific bosses for you, often to obtain valuable loot.
    • Process: The booster either logs into your account or helps you in a co-op session.

Choosing a Boosting Service

  1. Reputation and Reviews

    • Look for services with positive reviews and a good reputation in the community.
    • Check forums and third-party review sites for feedback from other users.
  2. Security Measures

    • Ensure the service uses secure methods to protect your account.
    • Avoid services that require full account access unless they are highly reputable.
  3. Payment Methods

    • Use secure payment options like PayPal.
    • Be wary of services that ask for unconventional or upfront payment without a guarantee.
  4. Customer Support

    • Choose services that offer reliable customer support.
    • Ensure you have a way to communicate with the booster during the process.


Power leveling in Path of Exile on XBOX and PS4 can be achieved through efficient gameplay strategies and, if needed, boosting services. By selecting the right build, optimizing your questing and gearing, and utilizing the help of reputable boosting services, you can reach high levels quickly and enjoy the endgame content.

Whether you decide to level up on your own or use a boosting service, staying informed and cautious will help you make the most of your Path of Exile experience.

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