PoE 2 Lightning Storm – Path of Exile 2

PoE 2 Lightning Storm Lightning Storm is a Skill Gem.

Tags: Spell, AoE, Duration, Lightning.

Cost: 44 mana. Cast time: 0.90 sec. Ctritical strike chance: 9.00%.

Requires Level 42, 96 int.

Creates a lightning storm for a duration, which repeatedly strikes enemies in its area with shocking bolts.

  • deals 1 to 19 lightning damage
  • base duration is 10.00 seconds
  • 25% chance to shock enemies
  • base radius is 1.8 metres
  • shocks enemies as though dealing 400% more damage
  • hits one target every 0.05 seconds
  • can hit each enemy only once every 0.40 seconds
  • maximum 1 lightning storm at a time

Place into a Skill Gem socket to gain this skill. These are found in the Skill Gems panel.

PoE 2 Lightning Storm

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