Spring Dream Weapons Lost Ark

General & Store Updates

The Under the Arkesian Sun Update includes new armor and weapon skins, the Shiba Inu Pet and Special Package, mounts, and stronghold decorations.

Spring Dream Weapons

Spring Dream Weapons – Available until September 28.

Spring Dream Weapons

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General Updates

  • Re-enabled Powerpasses that were previously available in the store. Until September 7, a 25% discount will be available on Powerpasses. If the account’s highest Item Level is updated due to a purchased Powerpass, the account will have the following restrictions applied for 72 hours:
    • Cannot receive Gold billing mail
    • Cannot send mail with gold attached
    • Cannot send mail with items attached
    • Cannot send currency during 1:1 trade
    • Cannot offer items during 1:1 trade
    • Cannot purchase or register items on the market.
    • Cannot purchase, bid, or register items on the Auction House
    • Cannot participate in a loot auction
    • Cannot purchase Crystals
  • Raised the purchase limit of the Growth Support Packs from 1 to 3 per roster.
  • Refreshed Special Card Packages, Growth Support Packs, and other monthly reset
  • Added a new daily log-in reward track.
  • Gold earned from Una’s Tokens no longer arrives in the form of coins.

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