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Path of Exile 2 Life

Life (also called Health or Hit Points) is the health source of a character or monster. For the player it is shown as a red orb in the lower left of the screen and will decrease when receiving damage. Characters die when they reach 0 life and must be resurrected in town. Players can restore life by using flasks, gaining life regeneration from passive skills and equipment, or leeching life from enemies, among other mechanics. Light radius is based on current life.

PoE 2 Life


  • There are Wells in towns that restore you to full life and mana and recharge your flasks. It’s no longer done automatically upon entering a town.

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PoE 2 Mana

Spirit: A new resource called Spirit is added in addition to Life and Mana. Spirit is used to reserve skills with persistent effects like buffs and auras, upkeep permanent minions, and enable trigger meta gems. Spirit can be increased through story boss rewards, modifiers, and sceptres.

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