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Path of Exile 2 Gold

Gold can be spent at vendors. Gold is the currency item in Path of Exile 2. PoE 2 will be using gold for respecing. They are still working out how much it should be - likely being reasonable at level 60 but harder at level 90. They want to ensure your character is still your character.

Stack size: 5,000.

Shift click to unstack.

PoE 2 Gold

Path of Exile 2 introduces gold as a new in-game currency alongside the existing complex system in Path of Exile 1.

Here's a breakdown of its role:

  • Primary Transactional Currency During Campaign: Unlike Path of Exile 1, gold acts as the main currency for buying items and services from vendors during the campaign. This simplifies the experience for new players initially.
  • Loot Drops: Killing monsters and completing quests will reward players with gold.
  • Vendor Purchases: Players can use gold to purchase equipment, consumable items, and basic gems from general vendors.
  • Limited Use in Endgame: While gold remains usable for basic purchases, endgame transactions will likely still heavily involve the established currency system of Orbs and Chaos Orbs.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Not a Tradable Currency: Unlike Chaos Orbs and other currencies, gold is not intended for player-to-player trading.
  • Supplement to Core Economy: Gold serves as a means to streamline the campaign experience and should not overshadow the deeper currency mechanics introduced later in the game.

Developer's Intention:

The developers at Grinding Gear Games (GGG) implemented gold with the following purposes:

  • Reduce Inventory Clutter: By having gold as the vendor currency, players are less likely to be burdened with various types of low-tier shards and scrolls during the campaign.
  • Smoother Campaign Experience: Gold provides a more intuitive way to interact with vendors, especially for new players unfamiliar with the complexities of Path of Exile's core currency system.

It's important to note that Path of Exile 2 is still under development, and the role of gold might be further refined before the official release.

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PoE 2 Gold Farming

1. Killing Monsters

Killing monsters is the best way to farm PoE 2 Gold. The more monsters you slain, the more gold you will farm.

PoE 2 Gold Farming

2. Selling Items

The more modifiers an item has, the more Gold it will sell for.

PoE 2 Gold Farming

PoE 2 Gold Farming

Use gold to purchase items from Vendor

PoE 2 Gold Usage

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