Palworld Gold Coins Farming Guide 2024

In Palworld, accumulating Gold Coins is essential for trading, purchasing items, and advancing in the game. Here are some effective methods to farm Gold Coins:

  1. Berry Farming:

    • Baked Berries: Collect berries from the fields and cook them at a campfire. Each cooked berry sells for 10 Gold. At level 5, you can unlock a Berry Plantation to produce berries infinitely, creating a steady income stream​​.
  2. Capturing and Selling:

    • Humans: Capture humans using Pal Spheres, especially at the Small Settlement, and sell them for 700+ Gold each to Pal Merchants​​.
    • Relaxaurus: Travel to the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon, capture Relaxaurus, and sell them for around 2,000 Gold each​​.
  3. Combat and Looting:

    • Black Market Merchants: Defeat these high-level NPCs to earn about 12,000 Gold per kill. They can be found at specific locations and respawn after fast traveling​​​​.
    • Treasure Chests: Explore the Palpagos Islands for chests of various rarities that contain substantial amounts of Gold along with other valuable items​​​​.
  4. Passive Farming with Pals:

    • Gold Digger Pals: Assign Pals like Mau or Mau Cryst to your ranch. They have the Gold Digger skill, which allows them to dig up Gold Coins passively around your base​​.
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By utilizing these methods, you can efficiently farm Gold Coins and enhance your gameplay experience in Palworld.

How to get more Palworld Gold Coins?

In the game Palworld, Gold Coins are the primary currency used to buy and sell items from merchants and the Black Market. You can use them to purchase things like crafting materials, Pals, schematics for craftable items, and even rare Pals.

There are a couple of ways to get Gold Coins in Palworld. Here are a few:

  • Exploring the world: You can find Gold Coins scattered around the game world. Keep an eye out for glowing spots on the ground – these often contain hidden items, including Gold Coins.
  • Defeating or capturing enemies: Some enemies, including Mau, Direhowl, and Vanwyrm will drop Gold Coins when defeated or captured.
  • Selling items: You can sell any unwanted items you find or craft to merchants for Gold Coins.
  • Using your Ranch: Once you unlock the Ranch at Tech Level 5, you can put certain Pals to work to generate a steady stream of Gold Coins. The best Pals for this are Mau and Mau Cryst, which have the Gold Digger skill.

Here are some additional tips for getting more Gold Coins in Palworld:

  • Look for and complete quests that give Gold Coins as a reward.
  • Keep an eye out for treasure chests, which often contain Gold Coins.
  • Sell any unwanted materials or items you don’t need.
  • Focus on capturing or defeating enemies that are known to drop Gold Coins.

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