How To Get More New World Coins

Farming coins in New World involves various strategies that cater to different playstyles, from crafting to combat. Here are some effective methods for farming coins:

1. Trading Post Flipping

Use the Trading Post to buy low and sell high. This involves monitoring the market for items that are in high demand and purchasing them cheaply to sell for a profit. Focus on valuable resources and crafted items. Avoid common materials and ensure your items are listed for a maximum of three days to avoid losing listing fees​​​​.

2. Resource Gathering and Selling

Selling raw resources like timber, stone, iron, and herbs is a steady way to make money, especially early in the game. These materials are always in demand for crafting and building. High-tier resources and rare materials will fetch higher prices on the market​​​​.

3. End-Game Crafting

Investing in end-game crafting can be highly profitable. Focus on maxing out crafting skills such as armoring, weaponsmithing, and jewelcrafting. Use high-tier materials and crafting mods to create the best items. These items, especially those with desirable perks, can sell for tens of thousands of coins​​​​.

4. Faction Missions and Tokens

Complete faction missions to earn faction tokens, which can be exchanged for valuable items like Runes of Holding. These runes are used to craft bags and storage chests, which are always in demand. PvP missions often offer higher rewards and working with a team can increase efficiency and safety​​​​.

5. Legendary Item Farming

Hunt for elite named bosses in end-game zones such as Reekwater, Edengrove, Shattered Mountains, and Ebonscale Reach. These bosses drop legendary items that are highly valuable. Form a strong team to tackle these challenging enemies as this content is not meant to be soloed​​​​.

6. Outpost Rush and Large-Scale PvP Events

Participate in Outpost Rush matches and Invasions/Wars. These PvP events not only provide gold rewards but also faction tokens and other valuable resources. Success in these events can significantly boost your earnings​​​​.

7. Completing Quests

Engage in main quests, community board tasks, and faction-related quests. These offer a consistent flow of gold along with experience and reputation. Plan your route to complete multiple quests efficiently to maximize your earnings​​.

8. Buy it from seller

By combining these methods based on your playstyle, you can efficiently farm coins in New World and build your wealth in Aeternum.

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