Palia Gifting

Fun Facts: Gifting

All villagers can recieve gifts each day, and each villager will also have a specific item they’re looking for in that week. They may tell you themselves what they’d like, or you may hear it from their friends! You should check in often to speak with villagers and share your cooking or collection with your friends.

Are there plans for a wishlist mechanic for the store? Some way for players with more money to spoil their friends, or maybe gift items to a random player to support the game?

We definitely want to give opportunities for gifting, but it’s a question of when, not if. When we add gifting, there are a lot of extra things we need to set up to protect players and ourselves from fraud - and we don’t yet know when we’ll be able to do that. There’s just so much to do so to set expectations it could be a while. As for wishlists, we can’t promise one way or another about that particular mechanic but we’ll definitely put a lot of thought into how to make a great gifting experience!

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