Olesya’s Delight

1. Olesya’s Delight PoE

Olesya’s Delight Olesya’s Delight is a unique Cloth Belt. It requires Level 68.

  • (15-25)% increased Stun and Block Recovery
  • +(600–700) to Evasion Rating
  • (8–12)% increased Movement Speed
  • +(40–60)% to Cold Resistance
  • Modifiers to Minimum Frenzy Charges instead apply to Minimum Affliction Charges
  • Maximum Affliction Charges is equal to Maximum Frenzy Charges
  • Gain Affliction Charges instead of Frenzy Charges
PoE Olesya's Delight

2. Mechanics

Affliction Charge: Players have 8% more Damage with Ailments and 8% more Effect of Non-Damaging Ailments per Affliction Charge

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3. Cloth Belt Unique Versions

Cloth Belt is a belt base type.

Item Lvl.
Perandus Blazon Perandus Blazon 16
Sunblast Sunblast 37
Soulthirst Soulthirst 45
Soul Tether Soul Tether 48
The Flow Untethered The Flow Untethered 60
The Torrent’s Reclamation The Torrent’s Reclamation 60
The Druggery 48
Replica Soul Tether Replica Soul Tether 48
Arn’s Anguish Arn’s Anguish 68
Olesya’s Delight Olesya’s Delight 68
Graven’s Secret Graven’s Secret 68

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