Myth of Empires Copper Coins Farm

In "Myth of Empires," there are several effective strategies for farming Copper Coins, which are essential for various in-game activities such as making donations, paying taxes, and investing in blessings.

  1. Defeating Bandits: One of the most effective methods is farming bandits. Bandits in low-level areas, especially around small huts and towns, drop a significant number of Copper Coins. In these areas, each bandit can drop around 75 Copper Coins, and you can find around 30-40 bandits per village​​. Using fast weapons like swords can help you defeat these enemies quickly.

  2. Raiding Mines: For more substantial rewards, raiding copper mines is recommended. Mines are typically controlled by factions, so you’ll need to be prepared for combat. These mines not only have copper but also drop Copper Coins, linen, and other valuable items​​.

  3. Selling Resources: Another method involves selling abundant resources like grass, bark, and branches via the "Resource Transfer" feature at the Boundary Marker. This is a straightforward way to earn Copper Coins without engaging in combat​​.

  4. Higher Level Farming: As you progress and level up, targeting higher-level NPCs and strongholds can yield more Copper Coins. This approach requires better equipment and skills but offers more significant rewards​​.

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By combining these strategies, you can efficiently farm Copper Coins and use them to enhance your gameplay experience in "Myth of Empires."

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