Monopoly Go Stickers Free

To get free stickers in Monopoly GO, there are several strategies you can use:

  1. In-Game Store Gifts: The in-game store offers a free gift every eight hours. These gifts can include various rewards such as dice, event currency, or sticker packs. Make sure to claim these gifts regularly to increase your chances of getting free stickers​​.

  2. Endless Deals: Occasionally, the game offers limited-time deals that include free sections or nodes. These can sometimes contain sticker packs, so keep an eye out for these offers on the left-hand side of the game screen​​.

  3. Daily Objectives: Completing the three daily objectives, known as Quick Wins, will often reward you with a green sticker pack. Additionally, completing these objectives contributes to a weekly meter that can reward you with higher quality sticker packs, including rare five-star purple packs​​.

  4. Social Media and Community Giveaways: Follow the official Monopoly GO social media channels and join their Discord community. These platforms occasionally host giveaways where you can win sticker packs. Smaller community groups on Discord or Reddit can also be a good place to find players willing to donate stickers​​.

  5. Event Participation: Engage in in-game events like Cash Grab or High Roller, which often reward participants with sticker packs. These events are a reliable way to accumulate stickers as you progress through the game​​.

  6. Free Links: Although rare, sometimes the developers release free codes for sticker packs alongside the more common free dice links. Keep an eye out for these occasional gifts, especially during special events or holidays​​.

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By utilizing these methods, you can collect a variety of stickers without spending real money. Make sure to check for updates regularly and participate actively in the game’s events and community to maximize your chances.

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