MW3 Verdansk’s Gora Dam - Modern Warfare 3

Return to Gora Dam

MW3 Verdansk's Gora Dam

The Intel Drop video showcases several Campaign Open Combat Missions, including one based at Verdansk’s Gora Dam.

Unlike the Gora Dam that players remember from 2019, the Gora River’s waters run deep in 2023. From atop the Dam, Simon “Ghost” Riley – who players control as part of this mission – must defuse several bomb sites in the vicinity of the dam, one of which is on a moving truck.

How Ghost completes this mission is in your hands.

Ghost is armed with a fully kitted-out Assault Rifle for weapons-free engagements, but also has a silenced Sidearm, a pair of binoculars, a lethal and tactical grenade, as well as additional equipment that may contain even more options for completing the mission. This is just Ghost’s infil ordnance; you have a wide variety of weaponry, armaments and other items to optionally gather as the mission progresses, and your tactics change and adapt.

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