MW3 Front Lot (+ Side Lot) – Modern Warfare 3


Like West Street, the Front Lot spawn mostly consists of level ground, though there are a few key differences between the two. First, the Front Lot doesn’t immediately narrow down into branching alleyways, opting instead for a more open arena. There are also more cover objects here with the broken sections of wall and the several vehicles parked in the Side Lot. Except for the southern Market Place, the sightlines mostly remain midranged until you get farther into the map.

The Front Lot is an ideal location to call in a Care Package or, if you’re on a roll, the Juggernaut Recon; it’s positioned away from the denser areas of the map, and it’s not hard to find cover to keep out of sight as you await delivery. Watch for enemies doing the same and you might get the chance to take their goods for your own use — a huge boon for your whole team.

Deploy to a dense urban environment with branching alleyways, tight interior spaces, and accessible rooftops. Dig into this briefing on the map to discover how to get the most out of a complex setting teeming with possibilities.


Keep your eyes sharp and your head on a swivel — Karachi challenges Operators with a compact urban setting packed with climbing opportunities and routes for every playstyle. A keen understanding of the layout will help you prepare for your next drop into this medium-sized Multiplayer map, so dig in and outplay the competition in your next deployment.


MW3 Karachi Map areas


MW3 Karachi Map hardpoints

domination flags

MW3 Karachi Map domination flags

search & destroy sites

MW3 Karachi Map search & destroy sites

spawn points

MW3 Karachi Map spawn points

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