MW3 Hotel (+ North Street, Café, Bus, Shacks) – Modern Warfare 3


The Hotel is a major power position on the map, rivaled only by the nearby Apartment. Both areas feature frenetic close-quarters combat, whether you’re fighting down below by the lobby or up by the rooms. When the inside is clear, you’ll want something with more range to take advantage of the sightlines out of the Hotel, including views over the central Rubble, North Street, and Shacks.

North Street west of the Hotel is also a formidable area. The Café is a great defensive point with a rear exit when you need to get out fast. Ambush enemies from the Bus and use the stone walls and barricades for partial cover when engaging head-on. The Shacks east of Hotel bring the fighting back to the open; move around the Shacks for cover or jump onto their corrugated rooftops to get over enemies on the ground.

Deploy to a dense urban environment with branching alleyways, tight interior spaces, and accessible rooftops. Dig into this briefing on the map to discover how to get the most out of a complex setting teeming with possibilities.


Keep your eyes sharp and your head on a swivel — Karachi challenges Operators with a compact urban setting packed with climbing opportunities and routes for every playstyle. A keen understanding of the layout will help you prepare for your next drop into this medium-sized Multiplayer map, so dig in and outplay the competition in your next deployment.


MW3 Karachi Map areas


MW3 Karachi Map hardpoints

domination flags

MW3 Karachi Map domination flags

search & destroy sites

MW3 Karachi Map search & destroy sites

spawn points

MW3 Karachi Map spawn points

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