MW3 Alleys (+ Ice Cream Shop, Pink Room, Bar, Roof Garden) – Modern Warfare 3


Depending on your perspective, the map’s center can be thrilling or terrifying, and often both. Narrow Alleys snake between the tightly packed buildings here, not to mention the danger of enemies firing down from the nearby rooftops. On the ground floor, Shotguns are king, the maze-like layout providing ample opportunities to flank and blast opponents at close-range.

Take note of the open buildings in the area, including the Ice Cream Shop, Pink Room, and Bar. Their compact design keeps things tight until you reach the upper levels where balconies and rooftops provide a greater view of the surrounding area, opening up mid-range combat opportunities. The flat rooftops add a great platforming dynamic to the map; time your jumps to move around with ease, but keep in mind that the extra breathing room up here also exposes you to a greater variety of threats.

Note the ladder in the upstairs Bar positioned next to the refrigerator. It’s easy to miss but incredibly valuable for reaching the rooftops. It leads directly to a partially enclosed brick structure providing decent cover and a commanding view of the surrounding area.

Drop into a compact corner of Rio de Janeiro as bystanders scramble to escape the scene of the oncoming battle. Brave the tightly clustered center, fire down on enemies from the rooftops, or stick to the perimeter and eliminate enemies from afar.


At the foot of Mount Corcovado, battle erupts within a densely packed urban center plagued by crumbling infrastructure and broken streets, enclosed by a mountain range on one side and a lagoon on the other.

Operators who deploy to this mid-sized map will need to keep a sharp eye on the tight central buildings, offering plentiful verticality and a sloped ground floor rising steadily toward the mountains. The perimeter is equally hazardous with potential danger across every storefront, staircase, and alleyway.


MW3 Favela Map areas


MW3 Favela Map hardpoints

domination flags

MW3 Favela Map domination flags

search & destroy sites

MW3 Favela Map search & destroy sites

spawn points

MW3 Favela Map spawn points

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