PoE Minion Critical Strike

Minion Critical Strike

Investing in minion critical strikes has been possible in a very niche manner for some time now, but has never been a fully-supported build option. Additionally, the removal of a large amount of potential critical strike chance from power charges in the above change would render critical minion builds near-impossible without further changes.

Add more sources of minion critical strike investment. These changes are not intended to fully compensate for the lost critical strike chance from power charges, but instead to more than make up for the lost damage via the addition of multiple sources of minion critical strike multiplier.

  • The Spirit Offering Skill gem no longer grants Elemental or Chaos Resistance to Minions, and no longer causes Minions to gain a percentage of their Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage. It instead now grants Minions 110% increased Critical Strike Chance at gem level 1, up to 148% at gem level 20. It also grants Minions +30% to Critical Strike Multiplier at gem level 1, up to +39% at gem level 20.
  • The Fearsome Force Passive Skill Tree cluster no longer grants minion area of effect. It is now a larger cluster that grants minion critical strike chance and multiplier.
  • The “Minions have 100% increased Critical Strike Chance” Minion Offence Mastery has been replaced with an option that provides “Minions have 30% increased Area of Effect”.
  • The new minion modifiers mentioned above include a family of minion critical strike chance modifiers available on wands and shields, and a family of minion critical strike multiplier modifiers on wands.

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