PoE Minion And Non-Minion

Minion And Non-Minion

Because minions are monsters, they inherit some stats from monsters that can significantly affect build choices and power. As these stats are not detailed anywhere in-game, they are a cause of confusion for a lot of players (as well as rendering minion ailment builds near-impossible except for minions specifically designed around them). The large damage bonuses granted to minions by frenzy and power charges also crowd out alternative options, especially for shield itemisation with Necromantic Aegis and utility-focused spectres.

Split potentially-confusing monster stats into minion and non-minion versions so that minions can behave in the manner players would naturally expect.

  • Minions no longer have hidden penalties to Bleeding, Ignite, and Poison damage. Summon Reaper no longer has a hidden bonus to Bleeding damage that counteracted this penalty. As a result, minions now deal approximately twice as much Poison damage, three and a half times as much Ignite damage, and seven times as much Bleeding damage.
  • Minions now gain the same bonuses from Endurance, Frenzy and Power Charges as players do, rather than the significantly elevated bonuses that other Monsters gain.

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