PoE Melee Hits from Strike Skills Fortify – +(1–10) to maximum Fortification

The Celestial Brace is a unique Goliath Gauntlets. It grants the following modifiers:

  • (100–150)% increased Armour
  • 1% increased Attack Speed per Fortification
  • +(1–10) to maximum Fortification
  • Melee Hits from Strike Skills Fortify
  • (Fortifying grants an amount of Fortification based on the Damage of the Hit)

These modifiers all work together to enhance your character’s offense in Path of Exile, specifically when using Strike Skills in melee combat. Here’s a breakdown of each term:

  • Melee Hits from Strike Skills Fortify:

    • Melee Hits: This refers to any attack you perform in close combat with a weapon.
    • Strike Skills: These are a category of skills in Path of Exile specifically designed for close-quarters combat. Examples include Double Strike, Cleave, and Ground Slam.
    • Fortify: This is a buff granted by specific actions in the game. In this case, hitting enemies with Strike Skills applies the Fortification buff to your character.
  • +(1–10) to maximum Fortification:

    • This modifier defines how much the Fortification buff can be stacked on your character.
    • Stacking: This refers to accumulating multiple instances of the same buff, often resulting in enhanced effects.
    • +(1–10): This indicates the range of the buff’s strength. Each time you successfully land a melee hit with a Strike Skill, you gain between 1 and 10 points of Fortification, up to the maximum allowed by this modifier.
  • 1% increased Attack Speed per Fortification:

    • Attack Speed: This stat determines how fast your character performs attacks in combat. Higher attack speed allows you to hit enemies more frequently.
    • per Fortification: This means for every point of Fortification you have stacked, your attack speed increases by 1%.

In essence:

  • By using Strike Skills in melee combat, you build stacks of Fortification.
  • The more you hit enemies with Strike Skills, the higher your Fortification goes (up to the limit set by the first modifier).
  • Each point of Fortification grants you a 1% bonus to attack speed, making you hit enemies faster.

This combination of modifiers incentivizes using Strike Skills for sustained damage output. The more you hit with these skills, the more Fortification you gain, leading to a significant increase in attack speed and overall damage dealt.

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