PoE Life Flasks gain (0–3) Charges every 3 seconds – Path of Exile

  • Life Flasks gain (0–3) Charges every 3 seconds
  • Mana Flasks gain (0–3) Charges every 3 seconds
  • Utility Flasks gain (0–3) Charges every 3 seconds

These modifiers all refer to how often a specific type of Flask in Path of Exile can be used. Here’s a breakdown of each term:

  • Life Flasks: These flasks replenish your character’s health points (HP) when used.

  • Mana Flasks: These flasks refill your character’s mana points used to cast skills.

  • Utility Flasks: These flasks provide various temporary effects for your character, such as increased movement speed, invisibility, or damage buffs.

  • gain (0–3) Charges every 3 seconds: This part defines how often the flask regains its charges for use. It means the flask can gain between 0 and 3 charges every 3 seconds.

    • 0 Charges: In some instances, the flask might not gain any charges within a 3-second interval. This adds some randomness to the mechanic.
    • 3 Charges: This is the best outcome, where the flask fully refills its charges in 3 seconds.
  • every 3 seconds: This specifies the interval at which the flask checks for a charge gain. Regardless of how many charges it gains (0-3), this check happens every 3 seconds.

In simpler terms, these modifiers affect how quickly you can use a specific type of flask again. The more charges a flask gains every 3 seconds, the faster it becomes available for use.

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