Lost Ark Reaper Swoop Skills

The Reaper has three Skill categories; Dagger, Shadow, and Swoop skills. Dagger and Shadow skills are used to charge up Persona and Chaos Modes, and Swoop skills are heavily amplified by Persona— allowing the Reaper to unleash devastating attacks.

Swoop Skills

  • Glowing Brand – Vanish in the air and move up to 8 meters toward the target location before striking down, inflicting Damage and launching foes airborne.

  • Rage Spear – Gather red shadow energy and thrust forward to inflict Damage and paralyze foes within an 8 meter radius.

  • Dance of Fury – Gather red shadow energy to quickly move forward, inflicting Damage. Inflict additional Damage to airborne foes. Perform another slash for Damage as you return to your position.

  • Silent Rage – Jump 3 meters backward and gather dark energy to shoot yourself forward, slashing foes for Damage and knocking them down as you move. Ignore collisions with adventurers and Normal monsters while moving.

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