Honest Liar — Lost Ark

Honest Liar

Honest Liar is a quest found in Lost Ark. Level: 1.

Location Related Quests In-game Description
Zone: Facility X-301
  • Required quests:
    • Silent Words
  • Prerequisite for quests:
    • Innocent Deserter
I found a strange device that says unusual things. I should take it to Siltero, the hacker in the Underground Market .
!! You need to have the item [tip.name.treasuremap_301] in your Inventory or your Roster Storage to talk to Siltero the hacker.

To start this quest get the:

  • Suspicious Device


    Identify tip.name.treasuremap_301

  1. Ask Hacker Siltero in Stern
  2. Get item: – Treasure Map
  3. – Hacker Siltero
    tip.name.treasuremap_301 and a strange device
  4. Ask Hacker Siltero to repair it
  5. – Hacker Siltero
  6. Equip the suspicious device with the machine doll
  7. Start the machine doll
  8. Apologize to Hacker Siltero
  9. – Hacker Siltero
  10. Look at the rear of the suspicious device
  11. Move to Facility X-301


  • 215 x Roster XP
  • 5 x High Seas Coin Chest
  • 20,000 x Silver
  • 7,000 x Pirate Coin

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