Accepting Hope — Lost Ark

Accepting Hope

Accepting Hope is a quest found in Lost Ark. Level: 1.

Location Start NPC In-game Description
Zone: Kalaja Lutia Lutia has learned the cruelty of hope from Nahun’s Records.
Lutia is now terrified of the unexpected side of hope she sought.
I will tell Lutia that there are people who overcame the long winter night and experienced daybreak.
– If the NPC is missing or unavailable for conversation, proceed with the quest until they return.
– If the target NPC of the Rapport quest is missing, please check the current progress of the quest.


  • 220 x Wisdom
  • 220 x Kindness


  1. Open the Dyorika Journal
  2. Talk to Firekeeper Lutia
  3. – Lutia
  4. Talk to Firekeeper Lutia
  5. – Lutia
  6. Shushire Frozen Sea
    • Move to the Antenora Port
    • Talk to Lutia at Antenora Port.
    • – Lutia
    • Go to the Rigens Village
    • Talk to Madnick
    • – Madnick
    • Ask Daybreaker Javern about hope
    • – Daybreaker Javern
    • /talk about Lutia.
    • Talk to Daybreaker Javern
    • – Daybreaker Javern
      The difficulties of the early days of the Daybreakers.
    • Listen to the veterans’ conversation
    • Talk to the Daybreaker Doctor Orson
    • – Dr. Orson
      The day the Daybreakers were assaulted.
    • Ask why there was such a difference (0/4)
    • Listen to Dr. Orson’s story
    • – Dr. Orson
    • Listen to Daybreaker Javern’s story
    • – Daybreaker Javern
    • Talk to Firekeeper Lutia
    • – Lutia
    • Meet Lutia at the Rigens Plaza
    • Talk to Firekeeper Lutia
    • – Lutia
      Feiton Kalaja
    • Meet Lutia again at the crematorium
  7. Read the Dyorika Journal


  • 450 x Rapport Point: Point earned through completing Rapport Quests. Used exclusively to raise Rapport Ranks.
  • 2,240 x Silver

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