Glimpse Of Infinity

Glimpse Of Infinity Guide

Glimpse Of Infinity is a Path of Exile debuff. You have reduced Action Speed.

Uhtred, Covetous Traitor, the expedition boss, uses this skill.

Icon Description
Glimpse Of Infinity PoE You have reduced Action Speed
action speed -%
  • Mirror Lasers: Fires several rows of lasers across the arena either straight or diagonally. Continues to fire after first add phase and width increases each phase (up to 80% of the arena in the final phase). Applies Glimpse of Infinity debuff.
  • Rotating Cold Beam: spins around in a circle ~3.5 times while channeling a black beam. Applies Glimpse of Infinity debuff. Voiceline: "No escape"

Defeat Uhtred, Covetous Traitor without any player being affected by Glimpse of Infinity or Indifference of the Cosmos

This is possibly the hardest part of the challenge as one needs to be able to dodge a lot of boss mechanics. A blink skill with multiple charges such as Flame Dash Flame Dash is highly recommended. The next parts of this guide will describe what Glimpse of Infinity and Indifference of the Cosmos is. Also you can logout during the add-phase to avoid most mirror strikes(3 times:75%,50%,25% of boss’s life) with the Catchphrase: The stars betray us! OR We are nothing. OR Fear the cosmos!, and whenever you’re about to fail due a mistake it’s also an extra blink.

Glimpse Of Infinity PoE

Defeat Uhtred, Covetous Traitor while affected by Glimpse of Infinity

Glimpse of Infinity is a stacking action speed reduction debuff that is applied from the light beams that shoot out of the big mirror in the room(in picture), and Uhred’s spinning laser beam attack(in GIF). Each instance has a 10 second duration and they are separately timed. While fighting the boss these will periodically go off on either side of the arena or the middle. They can be quite hard to dodge if you have been hit by a few already but their damage is not too powerful. Please note that the light beams can be dodged if you have a spell dodge chance, which may help if you are trying to complete the first conditional.

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