Lords of The Fallen Vigor Farming Guide 2024 – LOTF

Farming Vigor in Lords of the Fallen effectively can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Here are some of the best strategies for Vigor farming in 2024:

Early Game Farming

  1. Pilgrim’s Perch Bellroom Vestige:

    • Location: Access the Bellroom Vestige in Pilgrim’s Perch.
    • Method: Clear out the enemies near the water, then enter the Umbral realm using your Umbral Lamp. Farm the starved husks along the path to a large wooden platform. Repeat the process by returning to the bellroom.
    • Tips: Equip items like the Moth Ring and Nhelaq Rune to boost Vigor drops from enemies​​​​.
  2. Vestige of Marco the Axe:

    • Location: Before fighting Pieta, head to the Vestige of Marco the Axe.
    • Method: Follow the main path, defeat enemies, cross the narrow bridge, and enter the Umbral state to break cocoons summoning weak enemies. This grants substantial Vigor early on​​.

Mid-Game Farming

  1. Windmill Vestige in Redcopse Village:

    • Location: Windmill Vestige in Redcopse Village.
    • Method: Enter the Umbral realm, follow the path, and kill zombies that spawn from eggs. This method yields about 600-700 Vigor per run and can be repeated easily​​.
  2. Fen Vestige:

    • Location: Fen area.
    • Method: Plant a Seedling Vestige near the entrance, kill nearby enemies, and use the Umbral Lamp to increase Vigor and item drops. Sell spare gear and runes for extra Vigor​​.

Late Game Farming

  1. Vestige of Blind Agatha:

    • Location: Blind Agatha Vestige.
    • Method: Enter the Umbral state, head left, and use the platform to stay AFK. The Red Reaper will spawn and die repeatedly, netting you significant Vigor without much effort. This can yield around 90,000 Vigor per hour​​​​.
  2. Oreha’s Well:

    • Location: Oreha’s Well Vestige.
    • Method: Enter the Abyssal Dungeon and kill enemies. Use items like the Moth Ring and Nhelaq Rune to maximize Vigor drops. This method is challenging but offers high rewards​​.

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By following these strategies, you can efficiently farm Vigor at different stages of the game, allowing you to upgrade your character and gear more effectively. Happy farming!

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