Last Epoch Gold Farming Guide 2024

Farming gold efficiently in Last Epoch involves a combination of targeting high-value items, optimizing crafting potential, and strategically farming specific areas. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you maximize your gold income:

1. Monolith Farming

Monoliths are essential for farming valuable loot. Focus on nodes known for dropping high-value jewelry (rings, amulets) and unique body armors, especially at higher corruption levels. Empowered Monoliths of Fate Timelines, unlocked by completing Level 90 Timelines, offer the rarest rewards and the best gold farming opportunities​​​​.

2. Targeted Boss Farming

Certain bosses in specific Monolith timelines drop highly coveted items:

  • Blood, Frost & Death Timeline: Farm Formosus the Undying for items like Frostwhite Talons, Elglos’ Gorn, and Last Steps of the Living. These items, especially with high Legendary Potential (LP), can fetch significant profits​​​​.
  • Stolen Lance Timeline: Focus on God Hunter Argentus for drops like the Shattered Lance Set, Throne of Ambition, and Wings of Argentus. Unique items like Wrong Warp and Omnipotence are also highly valuable​​​​.
  • Rain of Dragons Timeline: Target the Emperor of Corpses for items like Twisted Heart and Clever Solution, which have high demand due to their unique effects and survivability boosts​​​​.

3. Exalted Items and Crafting

Exalted items with tier six or seven rolls, or dual exalted affixes, are some of the most profitable. Focus on stats like life rolls, dexterity, intelligence, armor shred, and melee damage on weapons. Use the auction house to test and track which items sell well, developing a personal database of valuable items. Items with high forging potential are particularly lucrative​​​​.

4. Glyph and Rune Farming

Utilize the prophecy system to double the occurrence and quantity of glyphs and runes, essential for crafting. These can be sold directly to vendors for gold. Efficient inventory management is key to maximizing profits from this method​​.

5. Temporal Sanctum and Vault Dungeon

Experienced players can engage in Temporal Sanctum farming, particularly targeting Julia on higher difficulties for rare drops like the Vessel of Strife. The Vault Dungeon also offers unique opportunities for acquiring rare and valuable loot, enhancing overall wealth​​.

6. Arena Keys

Participate in activities that yield arena keys, such as Empowered Monoliths, and sell them for gold. This is a straightforward method to boost your gold reserves​​.

7. Buy from Seller

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By combining these strategies and staying informed about the game’s economy and meta, you can effectively maximize your gold farming in Last Epoch. For more detailed guides and updates, refer to resources like WowVendor, SkyCoach, and LootBar​​​​​​​​​​.

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