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Today’s weekly Update introduces over 100 significant tweaks and improvements across the board. Alongside this, it also includes the first inventory expansion pass, a full revamp for the Sundered Monarch boss encounter, online functionality for Steam deck, further HDR improvements… and we’re also very pleased to confirm key quest items will no longer be affected by inventory limitations. As requested by some of you, we’ve also added the option to hide damage numbers on the HUD for a more immersive experience.

Previously, unique items couldn’t be picked up when the inventory was full. Now, key/quest items and unique items will be picked up even if the inventory is full, exceeding the inventory limit as necessary. This applies to keys, spells, quest items, ammo types, gestures, etc.

This change should also resolve any potential issues with questlines where a required item couldn’t be picked up due to an "inventory full" message. Additionally, starting from patch 1.1.310, if the inventory is full, the items will drop to the ground so they can be picked up later.

Inventory is full?

Yeah theres an inventory limit for whatever reason. Be aware it can cause soft locks for picking up quest items as well.

For good news though, the devs do plan to add a stash system. Or at least attested to wanting to in the QnA a short while back.

Well there are can be a number of reasons. But the most common is performance, while it may seem inconsequential adding extra 0s to inventory it can impact load times and processing speeds of games typically because there’s more data to go through. This is especially a problem when using dedicated servers in games. But this is a P2P game and I’m not an expert on the subject so can’t be sure why, but it’s probably related to performance.

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