FFXIV Prince Lunatender

How to get Prince Lunatender minion in FFXIV

Prince Lunatender is a new minion in FFXIV Endwalker.

  • Source: Drops from level 90 dungeon Smileton

FF14 Prince Lunatender Information

Name Description
Location Smileton
Behavior Obedient
Tradeable Yes
Description Summon your Prince Lunatender minion. Use as a decoration at risk of suffering puncture wounds─lots of them.
Journal As part of their efforts to make Smileton into a paradise, the Loporrits caught this prince among lunatenders to use as an ornamental plant. However, it was disinclined to suffer the indignity, and slipped into your bag and fled.
Tooltip This is sure to fetch a princely sum from Master Gegeruju!
– Zhloe Aliapoh
FFXIV Prince Lunatender

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FFXIV Smileton

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