Leaderboards in Governor of Poker 3 GoP3

Leaderboards in Governor of Poker 3 provide an exciting way to track your progress and compare your performance against other players. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding and utilizing the leaderboards.

Where Can I Find the Leaderboards?

To access the leaderboards:

  • Winner Podium Icon: Click or tap on the winner podium icon displayed in the main menu on the upper right side of your screen. This will take you to the leaderboards section.

How Many Leaderboards Are Available?

There are 8 main leaderboards, organized into 4 distinct categories:

  1. Special Events

  2. Poker Teams

  3. All-time

  4. Weekly

Weekly Leaderboards

Unlock your potential with more Governor of Poker 3 free chips. Weekly leaderboards cover 5 specific areas of the game:

  1. High Rollers Valley

  2. Pro Forest

  3. Gold Rocks

  4. Las Vegas

  5. The Strip

Each area includes two or more leaderboards based on the current poker formats available in that specific area. These leaderboards reset weekly, providing fresh opportunities to climb the ranks.

All-time Leaderboard

The All-time Leaderboard showcases the top grossing players of all time, based on the total chips won. Unlike weekly leaderboards, the All-time Leaderboard does not reset, allowing players to build their legacy over time.

Poker Teams Leaderboard

The Poker Teams Leaderboard includes:

  1. Teams Rankings: Based on overall team performance.

  2. Team Challenge Points: Reflecting team achievements in challenges.

  3. Personal Team Challenge Points: Individual contributions to team challenges.

Special Events Leaderboard

The Special Events Leaderboard contains:

  1. Seasonal Ring Leaderboard: Tracks performance in seasonal events.
  2. Heads Up Challenge Leaderboard: Specific to the Heads Up Challenge format.

What Can I Win by Ranking in the Leaderboards?

Players and teams can earn various trophies by ranking in the leaderboards. When a leaderboard is reset, top-ranking players and teams receive their trophies. The type of trophy awarded for each rank is displayed next to the rank number. Additionally, special rewards can be won by ranking in the Ring Leaderboard at the end of an event.

What Are the Trophies Available?

There are several trophies that players can earn and display on their profile:

  1. Bronze

  2. Silver

  3. Gold

  4. Platinum

  5. Diamond

  6. Team Challenge

These trophies reflect your achievements and status in the game, showcasing your skills and dedication.

Where Can I See My Trophies and Rings?

You can view your trophies and rings at any time in your profile:

  • Profile Access: Click or tap on the level bar located in the upper middle part of the screen to open your profile.
  • Display: All trophies won are shown in the blue bar of your profile. The same blue bar also displays your collected Poker Rings, allowing you to proudly display your accomplishments.


The leaderboards in Governor of Poker 3 offer a dynamic and competitive environment for players to showcase their skills and track their progress in various game modes. By understanding the different categories and how to access them, you can aim for the top and earn prestigious trophies and rewards. Keep an eye on the leaderboards and strive to be among the best in the poker community!

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