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Poker gifts in Governor of Poker 3 are a fun and meaningful way to interact with other players, showing respect, appreciation, and emotions during the game. Here’s a detailed guide on how to use, give, and understand poker gifts.

What are Poker Gifts Used For?

Poker gifts are decorative items that serve to express respect and appreciation towards your teammates or other poker players. Here’s how they work:

  • Heart Points: When you receive a gift, you gain heart points. These points are added to your total heart points displayed in your user profile.
  • Reputation: The more heart points you accumulate, the more you can show off your status as a respected and beloved player in the game.

How to Give Poker Gifts to Other Players

You can give gifts to other players by following these steps:

  1. Find the Present Box: Click or tap the grey present box next to the player’s username at the table.

  2. Open Gift Menu: If you already have a gift, it will replace the present box as the new button to open the gifts menu.

  3. Select and Send Gifts:

    • Choose a gift from the menu.
    • Use the ‘PLAYER’ button to send a gift to a specific player.
    • Use the ‘TABLE’ button to send gifts to everyone at the table. Note that this multiplies the cost by the number of players at the table.

Can I Buy a Gift for Myself?

Yes, you can send a gift to yourself by clicking or tapping the present box next to your own name. However, note that you will not receive heart points for gifts you buy for yourself.

Can I Send Gifts for Free?

No, all gifts require either chips or gold to send. Most gifts can be purchased with chips, but some exclusive gifts require gold.

Types of Poker Gifts

Get more Governor of Poker 3 free chips and rule the game. Poker gifts are categorized into three types: Bling, Tease, and Treat. Each type has different emotional values, heart points, and costs:

  1. Bling Gifts:

    • Purpose: Show wealth.
    • Heart Points: Up to 100.
    • Cost: Ranges from 250k to 5M chips.
  2. Tease Gifts:

    • Purpose: Tease other players when they lose.
    • Heart Points: Up to 2.
    • Cost: Ranges from 5 gold to 15k chips.
  3. Treat Gifts:

    • Purpose: Congratulate good players.
    • Heart Points: Up to 3.
    • Cost: Ranges from 5 gold to 25k chips.

Why Did My Previous Gift Disappear?

A player can only hold one gift at a time. Here’s what happens:

  • Replacement: Receiving a new gift will replace the previous one.

  • Saloon Bound: Gifts are tied to the saloon. Leaving the saloon will cause your gift to disappear.

  • Heart Points: Points received from gifts remain on your profile and do not disappear when the gift does.


Poker gifts in Governor of Poker 3 enhance the social aspect of the game by allowing players to show appreciation, tease, or congratulate each other. These gifts add heart points to your profile, enhancing your reputation. Players can give gifts by using chips or gold, and the types of gifts—Bling, Tease, and Treat—serve different purposes and have varying costs and heart point values. Remember, you can only hold one gift at a time, and gifts are saloon-specific. Enjoy using poker gifts to make your gaming experience more interactive and enjoyable!

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