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Diablo 2 Khalim’s Will

Khalim’s Will is a quest in Act 3. Not mandatory if you can get a portal from another player inside the Durance of Hate. Otherwise you must do it to smash the Compelling Orb and get into the Durance.

Given: Given by Cain after completing the Golden Bird quest or by entering the Great Marsh.
Triggered By: Completing Quest One or entering the Great Marsh
Location: ravincal, and elsewhere

  • Khalim’s Eye: In a golden chest in the Spider Cavern beneath the Spider Forest.
  • Khalim’s Brain: in a golden chest on level three of the Flayer Dungeon beneath the Flayer Jungle.
  • Khalim’s Heart: in a golden chest on level two of the sewers, beneath Lower Kurast or Kurast.
  • Khalim’s Flail: On a High Council member in Travincal.
  • The Horadric Cube: If you do not already have a cube, one of the the High Council will drop one in Travincal.
Tips: The Eye is in Spider Cavern. The Heart is in the Sewers. The Brain is in Flayer Dungeon. The Flail is dropped by one of the High Council members.
Description: Cain tells you to never forget that your ultimate purpose here in Kurast is to destroy Mephisto. The ancient Horadrim imprisoned the Lord of Hatred inside the Guardian Tower that is located within the Temple City of Travincal.

The only way to gain entry to Mephisto’s prison is to destroy the artifact known as the Compelling Orb. Mephisto used this device to control the Zakarum Priests and their followers. The Orb can only be destroyed with an ancient flail imbued with the spirit of the one incorruptible priest.

Your task is to collect the scattered relics of Khalim – his Heart, his Brain, and his Eye. Then, using the Horadric Cube, transmute Khalim’s Flail with his relics. Once this is accomplished, you must destroy the Compelling Orb with Khalim’s Will to open the way into the corrupt sanctum of Mephisto.

Rewards: Use Khalim’s Will to smash the Compelling Orb and gain entrance to the Durance of Hate.

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Quest Walkthrough

This is the most complicated quest in the game, requiring four components to transmute into “Khalim’s Will”, a special flail weapon that is used only one time, to smash the Compelling Orb and gain entrance to the Durance of Hate. Once inside the Durance you must descend to the third level where you’ll find Mephisto.

The vast majority of characters on never do this quest. Most everyone gets a portal into the Durance of Hate from another player, and proceeds to kill Mephisto and go on to Act Four. If you are doing this quest, it will take you a while and you’ll have to cover nearly all of Act Three in the process.

To complete this quest you must transmute the four ingredients into Khalim’s Will.


Ask someone for a portal to Durance Two, and skip this entire long and dangerous quest. Often you can party with others of your level, and if no one has the waypoint, someone can get on with one of their higher level characters and give the party the waypoint, then get back on with their initial character and use someone else’s portal to the waypoint. Cooperate and save everyone time. You don’t need to gather Kalim’s organs if another player gives you a town portal into the Durance of Hate, but you must kill the Council in Travincal before you can use such a town portal.

There are two Spider Forest dungeons, one of them is just a bonus area. Check the name and compare to the name of the quest area in your Quest Window if you don’t want to waste time, since you need only enter the Spider Cavern. It’s always the one not by the Waypoint.

You don’t need to enter the Great Marsh in most games. There is usually a connection from the Spider Forest to the Flayer Jungle, so explore the Spider Forest before you plunge into the enormous and frequently dead end Great Marsh, or ask someone for the Flayer waypoint. The Flayer Jungle always connects to Lower Kurast going towards the top right corner of the screen. You can roughly estimate which direction you’ll be going in the Flayer Jungle, and figure about which direction you need to head to get there from

If you don’t have a Horadric Cube, one of the High Council members in Travincal will drop one, since you must have it to transmute the ingredients.

Khalim’s Will is a very useful item for lower level characters, since it has the fastest swing speed of any one-handed item in the game, no Clvl requirements, and does a lot of elemental damage. It’s a great item to assemble and then “twink” to your lower level characters for them to use early on in the game.

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