Unique Jewel Divination Cards

Making Divination Cards for a Unique Jewel is a Path of Exile: Expedition challenge.

List of Unique Jewel Divination Cards

Divination Cards Stack
Effect(s) Drop Areas Notes
A Modest Request 3 Megalomaniac Megalomaniac N/A Megalomaniac Megalomaniac is a unique Medium Cluster Jewel.
A Mother's Parting Gift 6 Fertile Mind Fertile Mind The Imperial Gardens • The High Gardens Fertile Mind Fertile Mind is a unique Cobalt Jewel.
Azyran's Reward 9 Prismatic Jewel
Relic Chambers Map  
Brotherhood in Exile 5 One With Nothing One With Nothing
Villa Map One With Nothing One With Nothing is a unique Small Cluster Jewel. 
Hope 5 Prismatic Ring
Beach Map • Dungeon Map • Graveyard Map • Jungle Valley Map • Lookout Map  
Love Through Ice 4 Unnatural Instinct Unnatural Instinct
N/A Unnatural Instinct Unnatural Instinct is a unique Viridian Jewel.
Luminous Trove 7 Voices Voices
N/A Voices Voices is a unique Large Cluster Jewel.
Peaceful Moments 5 Timeless Jewel N/A N/A
The Academic 8 Inspired Learning Inspired Learning N/A Inspired Learning Inspired Learning is a unique Crimson Jewel.
The Craving 4 Unending Hunger Unending Hunger Bone Crypt Map
The Craving The Craving can only drop from Bone Crypt Map Boss
Unending Hunger Unending Hunger is a unique Cobalt Jewel.
The Eternal War 4 Timeless Jewel
The Eye of the Dragon 10 Jewel
The Boiling Lake • Marshes Map • Sulphur Vents Map The card drops from certain maps and storyline areas (read the list), or from Headmistress Braeta, the boss of The Putrid Cloister The Putrid Cloister
The Garish Power 4 Jewel The Chamber of Sins Level 1 (Act 7) • The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7) • Overgrown Ruin Map • Overgrown Shrine Map N/A
The Gulf 5 Thread of Hope Thread of Hope
N/A Thread of Hope Thread of Hope is a unique Crimson Jewel.
The Long Watch 3 The Vigil The Vigil Primordial Blocks Map The Vigil The Vigil is a unique Crimson Jewel. 
The Primordial 5 Jewel
Coves Map • Flooded Mine Map • Geode Map • Grotto Map • Peninsula Map • Vault Map • Waterways Map • Wharf Map N/A
The Samurai's Eye 3 Watcher’s Eye Watcher’s Eye This item can be acquired from an Abyssal Lich in the Abyssal Depths. Watcher’s Eye Watcher’s Eye is a unique Prismatic Jewel.
The Strategist 6 Inspired Learning Inspired Learning
N/A Inspired Learning Inspired Learning is a unique Crimson Jewel
The Sustenance 3 Energy From Within Energy From Within
The card can be dropped from Portentia, the Foul, the boss of Waste Pool Map Energy From Within Energy From Within is a unique Cobalt Jewel.
The Unexpected Prize 2 Attribute Transforming Jewel Residence Map N/A
Turn the Other Cheek 3 Pacifism Pacifism
The Library Pacifism Pacifism is a unique Viridian Jewel.

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