How to Run Faster in FIFA 21

Tip: Try sprinting when running on straight lines.

How to run faster in FIFA 21

Sprinting is a powerful tool to run faster in FIFA 21. It works best when used occasionally and does not suggest using it all the time. For new players, it is the simplest tool to run faster, however, it hard to control your player while sprinting. Therefore, it is a good idea to pay attention to your sprinting habits and try to control them.

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1. Sprinting make the player fun faster

Sprinting makes your player move faster towards your destination. It is the fastest way to run towards the opponent who has the ball. Meanwhile, if you are dribbling in a straight line, you can use sprinting skills.

2. Do not use sprinting all the time

You will not see real football players sprinting all the time. So why is there any difference in the FIFA 21 game?

2.1 Sprinting increases players’ fatigue

Whether it is short-term or long-term, it will exhaust your players. It increases the risk of injury and makes your player less effective. For example, if a fast winger becomes fatigued, you will start to notice that they cannot sprint as long as before. This not only makes it more difficult for them to rush out of their opponents but also makes it less likely for them to pass the ball in time. If you continue to push them without replacing them, they may fall to the ground with a hamstring injury, forcing the problem to be resolved.

2.2 Sprinting makes it harder to control

Sprinting makes quick turns and narrowing angles more difficult. For example, as a defender, if you charge the opponent mercilessly with the ball, all they need to do is to turn around quickly and they will pass you. Instead, what you should do is rush towards them, and then once you get close enough, switch to containing or jockeying to mix the distance between passing and closing without sacrificing mobility.

2.3 Sprinting impacts the accuracy of ES

Sprinting also affects the accuracy of the action, and it is more difficult to complete the skill action when needed. So, if you have been sprinting, it will affect your overall game in one way or another.

3. Sprinting and Acceleration

The sprint mainly depends on the statistics of the players you control. Therefore, it’s a good idea to know who is the fastest player in the FIFA 21.

The acceleration determines the time it takes for the player to reach maximum speed. The higher their acceleration, the less time it takes to complete the pace. It is difficult for a defender with low acceleration and agility to keep up with a pacey winger. Likewise, a slow striker is a poor target to receive a through ball. No matter how many sprint skills you have mastered. If they are not fast enough, they will not cut most of the time.

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