How To Get More Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium Season 6

Flame Elementium is a crucial currency in Torchlight: Infinite, used primarily for trading and crafting high-end gear. Here are several effective strategies for farming Flame Elementium:

  1. Mapping and Trait Cards: Efficiently running high-tier maps (tier five and above) with the right Trait Cards can significantly increase your Flame Elementium yield. Key cards include Doughty (for more Magic and Rare drops), Sharp (to convert gear to flame fuel), and Generous (to upgrade flame fuel). Using memory compasses to boost drop quantity and rarity also helps. Rolling maps to have high rarity and quantity values is crucial for maximizing drops​​​​.

  2. Auction House: Selling rare gear and high-tier crafting materials like Restless Embers and Ominous Embers in the auction house can be very profitable. Keep an eye on market prices to ensure you’re making profitable trades. This method is accessible once your character reaches level 60​​​​.

  3. Seasonal Mechanics and Boss Fights: Engaging with the seasonal mechanics and farming high-value bosses can yield substantial amounts of Flame Elementium. For instance, bosses encountered through Dark Surge and other seasonal events drop valuable loot and keys that can be sold for Flame Elementium​​.

  4. Crafting Materials: Disenchanting unwanted gear to obtain flame fuel and trading lower-level crafting materials for Flame Elementium is another effective strategy. Always ensure you’re not overpaying by checking current market rates​​.

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By combining these methods and focusing on efficiency, you can accumulate Flame Elementium more quickly and effectively enhance your build in Torchlight: Infinite.

How to get more Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium in Season 6

Flame Elementium is a crafting material used in Torchlight Infinite for Targeted Processing. This process allows you to transform your gear into a specific type with different stats.

Here are some ways to get Flame Elementium:

  • Complete maps: You can earn Flame Elementium by completing maps. The amount you receive will depend on the difficulty of the map and whether you use certain Tarot cards.
  • Boss chests: Bosses have a chance to drop Flame Elementium when defeated.
  • Disassemble gear: You can disassemble unwanted gear to get Flame Elementium. However, this is not the most efficient way to obtain it.

Here are some tips for farming Flame Elementium:

  • Focus on higher-level maps: Higher-level maps will generally reward you with more Flame Elementium.
  • Use Tarot cards that increase drop rate: There are a number of Tarot cards that can increase your drop rate of Flame Elementium. These cards include "Generous," "Magnanimous," "Prosperity," and "Abundance."
  • Target bosses: As mentioned, bosses have a chance to drop Flame Elementium. You can focus on farming bosses to get a higher amount.

By following these tips, you can farm Flame Elementium more efficiently and upgrade your gear in Torchlight Infinite.

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