Warmane Gold Squish 2024

Warmane has announced a gold squish scheduled for February 17, 2024. This means that 50% of all gold across all realms will be removed, affecting gold in characters’ inventories, banks, mailboxes, and even the website trading system. This annual adjustment aims to stabilize the in-game economy by reducing inflation and ensuring a healthier economic environment​​.

Additionally, the gold squish is part of a broader initiative that includes cleaning up inactive characters. Characters that haven’t been played since January 2022 will have their names removed, and affected players will be prompted to choose a new name upon their next login​​.

The Warmane gold squish for 2024 already happened. It occurred on February 27, 2024, along with an inactivity cleanup. This information can be found on the Warmane forum post titled "Inactivity Cleanup and Gold Squish for a healthier economy | Ban amnesty" [Warmane gold squish announcement].

The squish reduced the amount of gold in circulation by 50%, impacting everything from character inventory to the guild bank.

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