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The Forbidden Sanctum is an area found in the Sanctum league. Players must explore a randomized dungeon, collecting Aureus coins and trying to reach the end before their Resolve runs out.


  • Resolve is an additional stat player characters have while exploring the Sanctum, somewhat similar to Ruin from Ultimatum league.
  • The default maximum Resolve is 300. Resolve is maintained between rooms, and the player is ejected from the Sanctum if it hits 0, resetting all floors and rooms. Being ejected does not count as a death, nor does it remove experience.
  • Resolve is lost from hits from monsters or traps in the Sanctum. Closer proximity to monsters may reduce the Resolve lost.
  • Regular defences such as evasion rating, damage reduction, and avoidance do not affect the loss of Resolve.
  • Minions and non-party allies do not cause Resolve to be lost if hit.
  • A fixed amount of Resolve can be restored in Fountain rooms.
  • Modifying maximum Resolve during a Sanctum run will also cause the character to gain or lose Resolve proportional at the same ratio.
  • Sacrificing Resolve at 1 maximum Resolve will count as a failstate.
  • Maximum Resolve is soft capped at 1000; however, it is possible to exceed these values from sources that modify maximum Resolve at the start of a room/floor.

PoE 3.20.1: The Resolve bar now flashes when you heal or damage your Resolve.

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Test Your Resolve

Upon entering the Sanctum, you’ll uncover a map that reveals a few of the rooms ahead of you. Sparse details of the room and its rewards are shown, so you must plan carefully as each mistake will dwindle your resolve.

PoE Test Your Resolve

When your resolve runs out, your Sanctum run ends. Each time you enter the Sanctum, you will seek to push yourself farther than before through its four floors.

PoE Test Your Resolve

The Sanctum’s rooms hold many secrets. Some contain ancient fountains you can rest at to restore a portion of your resolve. Others will curse you with an affliction, hindering your progress. These afflictions stack up as you explore deeper and deeper within the Sanctum.

PoE Adapt or Die

If you run out of resolve before reaching this goal, you lose everything you gambled.

How hard are the Sanctum mechanics for melee builds?

Your resolve is impacted less by attacks that you're close to, so melee characters can have an easier time.

3.20.0b Patch Notes: Gaining increases to your maximum Resolve now heals your Resolve by that same amount.

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