Sweet Medication – Flyff Universe

Sweet Medication Quest

Description Pink and Blue Roach Queen deep in dungeon. Please go gather their sap!
Begin NPC Drico
End NPC Drico
Location Madrigal
Level: 83~120
Complete Quest: Ainher’s Request
Collect 1x Pink Roach Queen Sap
Collect 1x Blue Roach Queen Sap
EXP: 23% for Lv. 83
Chain Quest Yes
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

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Begin Agony Ore??? Khahahahaha! You say want Agony Ore??? *snort* *sniff* Agony Ore very rare! I no trade!
*sniff*. Hmm..Maybe I change mind If do something for Drico! Tribe need sap of Roach Queen for medicine! *snort* You can collect for Drico??
Accept Collect sap from Pink Roach Queen and Blue Roach Queen, then bring to Drico.
Decline You reject such a good chance now? *Sniff* *Sniff*. As you wish~
Complete *sniff* *sniff* Drico smell sweet sap!
Fail Collect Pink Roach Queen Sap and Blue Roach Queen Sap! Sniff!

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