Helldivers 2 Medal Farm

There are a few ways to farm medals efficiently in Helldivers 2, but they typically involve prioritizing speed over completion and may not be ideal for every player. Here are two methods:

Focus on Primary Objectives on Low Difficulty Missions

  • Pick a mission on Difficulty 2 (Recruit) with the "Terminate Illegal Broadcast" or "Eliminate Brood Commander" objective.
  • These objectives can be completed very quickly with weapons like the Autocannon or Grenade Launcher.
  • For "Terminate Illegal Broadcast," just land near the objective and destroy the radar tower.
  • For "Eliminate Brood Commander," find and eliminate the commander enemy.
  • Once you complete the objective, immediately call for extraction or head to the extraction zone.

Finding Medals in Points of Interest (POIs) on Low Difficulty

  • Pick a mission on Difficulty 1 (Basic) and look for a mission with clustered Points of Interest (POIs) shown on the mini-map as question marks(?).
  • POIs often contain medal pickups along with other resources.
  • Quickly travel between POIs, grabbing medals and abandoning the mission if the POIs are too spread out.
  • This method relies on some luck with POI generation.

Here are some additional things to consider:

  • Warbond and Daily Orders: Completing your daily personal mission and Warbond objectives are reliable ways to earn medals without needing to specifically farm.
  • Teamwork: While the methods above can be done solo, playing with a team can be more efficient, especially on higher difficulty missions.
  • Enjoyment: While farming medals can be a way to get credits or unlock items quickly, prioritizing fun and completing different mission types may provide a more well-rounded experience.

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